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HYPERBOREA 2022: Postponed to May 2023

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**version française ci-dessous**   To the lovely humans of the Hyperborea Community,  Due to circumstances outside of our control, Hyperborea will not be able to take place this summer.  The land we have been gathering on cannot host our dancing, our fires, or our art in August - so we have made the difficult decision to postpone the event until the May 20th weekend of 2023.  With all our usual Hyperborea deadlines fast approaching, we made the decision to postpone the event sooner than later - before too many commitments have been made.  This news comes to you with many heavy hearts behind it, to be sure. The mud, apparently, will always be between our toes.  Our team has put a tremendous amount of work [...]

Theme Camp Registration is now open/L’inscription des camps thématiques est disponible!

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**Français ci-dessous** Theme Camp Registration is now open! Hello Hyperboreans and Hyperboreans to be, The time has come to register your theme camps for Hyperborea 2022. Please fill out this google form if you are interested in having a theme camp at the event this year. Be as thorough and accurate as possible, Show us your best! The questions are designed to help the City Design Teams (Theme Camps, Placement, Lighting, and Sound) create a layout for our temporary city with as little back-and-forth as possible. Registration form links: English: https://forms.gle/oFJWSiWSky2yaMMX9 Français: https://forms.gle/DEbYP2FaUAdHRLtz5 Note there are important dates you will need to follow if you want to be considered for the Theme Camp Directed Ticket Sale prior to the main sale lottery.  The Theme Camp [...]

We are looking for our next Art Producer/On recherche une nouvelle réalisatrice d’art

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**Français ci-dessous** Hyperborea is looking for someone to be our new Art Producer. Hyperborea is looking for a new Art Producer: someone with a vision of what the future of our city and its art could be. As a bit of background, Hyperborea’s volunteer teams are organized into eight departments: Art, City, DPW, Flow, Info, Safety, Tech, and Volunteering. The department leads at Hyperborea are called “Producers”, and together they make up the “Production Committee”, the team of people who are responsible for planning and running the event. The producers meet regularly throughout most of the year, with meetings happening more often as the event approaches. The Production Committee is separate from the Board of Directors, although there is some overlap of volunteers. The Production [...]

Hyperborea: Statement on Conduct and Consent

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CONTENT WARNING: The following statement contains discussion of sexual assault (**Version française ci-dessous**) *Edit 09/09/2020: As a result of the newly formed Conduct and Consent Committee, we have edited some of the information in the below statement, and ask all reports to be directed to conduct@tohyperborea.ca or any of its members and not the HEAT Board There has recently been a lot of discussion regarding consent violations in the Toronto burner community, and the systems (or lack thereof) in place to create safer spaces. A group of active participants in these discussions reached out to individuals and organizers in various Burning Man adjacent communities to speak out against sexual assault and to clarify our policies and procedures around consent and sexual assault. We are grateful for [...]


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Greetings Dearest Hyperboreans Over the past week a lot has happened with regards to COVID-19 and the response around the world has been unlike anything we have ever experienced. The situation is rapidly changing and we can anticipate that we will continue to see the evolution of this affect each of us on many levels. We have been actively monitoring the announcements made by all levels of government, consulting Public Health and CDC recommendations, and discussing our options at length. As an event that is created by you, our participants, the restrictions put in place now will affect volunteer training sessions, theme camp preparation, art project fabrication, and the construction of the temple and effigy. We also acknowledge that many in our community will be [...]

COVID-19 Update

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[version française ci-dessous] Hello Dearest Hyperboreans,   The situation around COVID-19 has been evolving rapidly this week, and we on the Hyperborea team have been paying close attention. While we haven’t reached any decisions yet, we want you to know that we are watching and planning.  The care and health of our fellow Hyperboreans and society at large are of the utmost importance to us. In line with our Civic Responsibility, we’ll be following guidance from government and healthcare professionals to shape our course.  For the moment, Hyperborea Tempest is still planned for May, but you’ll be the first to know if that changes. Our hearts and minds are with all of you in this challenging time.   ~ The Hyperborean Make sure to stay [...]


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Ice @ Hyperborea Burns really put you to the test; no running water, harsh weather and no coffee. But like many Burns, Hyperborea organisers work hard to make sure our participants are as safe as possible. That’s why we are once again offering bags of ice on site, to keep your food, and your bellies, safe! We make bags of ice free to participants during the event, but we ask for contributions in advance in order to cover the costs. Each bag of ice costs 3$, and as of right now, you can contribute via paypal. You can donate the amount that you want, enough to cover the ice that you will need, and ideally enough to cover bags of ice for others. Donate here: [...]

FAST Training Dates Announced!

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Hyperborea FAST Fire Safety Training & Propane ROT Have you ever wanted to volunteer for the FAST team but didn’t know where to get your qualifications? The HB Fire Art Safety Team is making an effort to increase our volunteer pool by offering a full day of FAST fire safety training on Saturday April 4th, 2020 from 9am - 6pm at Site 3 CoLaboratory by Bloor and Ossington, for $165 per person. (Due to the regulatory nature of the Propane ROT, we have to bring in a third party provider which is the sole driver of costs for this training. We have a maximum of 15 spots.) Here is a breakdown of what to expect for this training: Part 1 - Propane ROT / 9am [...]

Centre Camp Participation Callout

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Centre Camp Participation Callout Every year, at Burning Man, Centre Camp is a meeting spot, a stage, a café, a spot to sit, slouch and sleep. It has art, shade, and an energy that ebbs and flows parallel to the playa around it. This year at Hyperborea, our goal is to create an energy oasis of our own. You are all a part of this temporary community, and Centre Camp is, at its core, where all roads can meet. If you, or your camp, has anything you would like to offer other Hyperboreans at Centre Camp during the run of this year’s event, please let us know. Would you like to host a workshop? Lead a meditation session? Discussions, acoustic jam sessions and gifting are [...]

Sticker Design Contest Reminder

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Reminder: Sticker Design submissions due March 13th! Each year, every person who participates in the event gets their very own Hyperborea sticker as a reminder of all the amazing memories that are inevitably made. This year, we’re inviting members of the Hyperborea community to submit their designs to be immortalized in sticker form for years to come!  Your design must incorporate the full event name, “Hyperborea: Tempest,” and can be any of the following shapes: Rectangle Square (standard or rounded corners) Circle Oval Stickers can be printed on vinyl, metallic vinyl, holographic, or transparent materials (please specify your preference). Note: All stickers will be evaluated and printed as a white background if not specified Please ensure all submissions are either vector based or high resolution, [...]

Vehicle Passes & Large Vehicle Policy

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Who Needs a Vehicle Pass? Every vehicle through the gates of the event needs a vehicle pass (motorcycles excluded).   The Vehicle Pass fees are as follows: Free - Motorcycles, Bicycles, Unicycles, Hovercraft, Boats $25 - All other vehicles driving in as one unit   Please note that large vehicles will not be permitted on the field. As experience has shown, they are very likely to damage the road, Gate, or worst of all - get stuck in the field. And nobody enjoys that. Registration for space is first come, first served. While we will do what we can to accommodate, there is finite space available and you may be asked not to bring your large vehicle.   We are classifying a large vehicle as: [...]

We need volunteers!

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Hyperboreans!!  The time has finally come; tickets are out in circulation, the nitty gritty details are being finalised by your leads and your volunteer team is here ready to welcome you with open arms!  Although the leads work hard year-round to make the magic happen, we would be completely lost without the help of all of you at the event. We have a number of volunteer opportunities awaiting you! Once you go ahead and purchase that Hyperborea ticket, click on the volunteer link and give some love to the team that interests you by registering for some shifts!   Did you know if you volunteer 8 hours this year you will be guaranteed a direct ticket for Hyperborea 2021?! No more suspense, no more lottery. Not [...]

Applications for Art Grants are open and the deadline has been extended to March 5th, 2020.

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At the heart of each Burning Man event is a passionate devotion to collective creation. Aside from basic infrastructure, everything you’ll see at Hyperborea will be produced by the hands of those in attendance, all for the love of creating memorable experiences as a community. Over the next several months, makers, artists, creators, hackers, dreamers, and doers alike will be toiling away across the city, bringing their ideas to life, one piece at a time. And you - yes, YOU! - can be one of them. We’re thrilled to be able to offer $15,000 in funding to make all of your projects materialize.    General Art Grant application: https://forms.gle/9qoTSBtADnhPKMni6 For more information on the grant categories and related criteria check out: https://www.tohyperborea.ca/art/   The deadline [...]

General Sale Open

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The ticket lottery opened today, and you lovely Hyperboreans will have either already purchased your ticket, have a ticket offer outstanding, or are part of the waiting list. If you are unsure about the status of your ticket offer, check your registration profile using your email address at https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/site/login Let’s take a look at what each status means, and what you can do to increase the chances of receiving a ticket offer in the future.  I got my ticket! Congrats! That ticket is yours and yours alone. If you’re unable to attend or want a refund, you will need to release it back into the ticketing system for people on the waitlist. You can do this via your registration profile. I got my ticket offer, [...]

Ticket Registration

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Hello amazing humans! We’re excited to announce the dates for Hyperborea 2020 ticket registration! Starting January 15, 2020 at midnight, you will be able to register yourself and any other future hyperboreans with our ticket registration system. What is ticket registration? Are you a new and shiny hyperborean? Or maybe you’ve had too much fun this winter and completely forgot how the ticketing at Hyperborea works. Let us tell you what ticket registration is! In order to be fair to all hyperboreans, we don’t go by a typical first come, first serve approach. Instead, we ask our community to complete a ticket registration. You will be added to a pool for tickets once they go on sale, and if you are selected you will be [...]

Sticker Contest

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Hail Hyperboreans! Would you like your design to be featured on our official event sticker this year?  That’s right, we are taking community submissions for the Hyperborea Tempest event sticker design from now until March 13th.  For inspiration, here is the theme description for Tempest: Time, the creator and destroyer of all things, pushes us forward inevitably. At times, we follow our brightest symbols, the guiding lights that point to our true north. At times, we pause at divergent roads, each path disappearing into the future. But then there are times of chaos and magic, of tremor and tumult. These are occasions of tempest, where the sheer entropy of nature reveals itself in its most elemental form. Neither good nor evil, it simply is, and [...]

What, Where, When!

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What makes Hyperborea unique is you and the events you host! Every year, Hyperborea is created by you - the participant. Each experience and event is made possible because someone made it happen. We have had so many amazing and wonderful events in the past and we cannot wait to see what you bring this year!  Do you have an event or amazing activity to host at Hyperborea? The What Where When (WWW) is an all-encompassing event guide of all events and programming at Hyperborea. Fill out this form to be included in the guide. Please fill out a separate form for each unique event. Submissions can be made in English or in French. Deadline for submission is April 20, 2020 11:59pm EST. If you [...]


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EFFIGY AND TEMPLE APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED Great news! The Effigy and Temple application deadline has been extended to Wednesday February 12th at midnight.  If you have an idea for either the Effigy or Temple at Hyperborea:Tempest, don't hesitate to submit your application using the links below.  The grants for each of these projects are set at $2,000. Got questions? Reach out to the Art Team at: art@tohyperborea.ca Effigy Application Form Temple Application Form Interested in building either the Temple or Effigy, but still working out your grand design? Email us to help keep us informed and on track!   ~ The Hyperborean Make sure to stay up to date with Hyperborea developments by: Signing up for our mailing list - tohyperborea.ca/newsletter Joining our FB group [...]

Art Grant Submissions are open

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Calling all Hyperborean artists and makers! Art Grant submissions for 2020 are now open and we are beyond excited to announce that we have a total budget of $15,000.00 to fund art for this year’s event! We are also introducing a new grant category for kids! As in year’s past, if you are looking to create excitement, enchantment, intrigue, and wonderment through art, we want to help! Please ensure you read over the four (4) grant categories listed below and review the qualifying criteria for each so you can choose the one that’s right for your project. In addition to the info below, we have more details and key information posted on the website. Don’t forget you will require proof of all expenditures - so [...]

REMINDER: Effigy & Temple Grant Submissions

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Heads up! A quick reminder that the closing dates for the art grant submissions for the Temple and Effigy projects at Hyperborea are quickly approaching. All proposals that wish to be considered must be submitted by February 7th, 2020. This year's art grants for the Temple and Effigy have each been increased to $2000.00.  The forms to submit can be found here: Effigy Form: https://forms.gle/VifchhNdGm7HJ4iE7 Temple Form: https://forms.gle/urmBKArQeHyyxapC6 For more on art @ Hyperborea, visit: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/art/ If you intend on submitting a proposal and have yet to let the team know, drop our Art Team a quick email at art@tohyperborea.ca so they know to anticipate your proposal.   Un petit rappel que les dates de fermeture pour l'inscription aux bourses pour le temple et l’effigie [...]

Get LIT!

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Low Income Tickets (LIT)  Want to attend Hyperbora but concerned about the cost? Don’t worry. We got you covered! We believe it is important to make Hyperborea accessible to a wide range of income levels to include all folks in our community. So we are offering reduced price tickets for up to 50 attendees.  If you require financial assistance, submit a LIT application and we may be able to help cover up to 50% of a full price ticket.  If you would like to directly donate to the LIT pool, please e-mail us at getLIT@tohyperborea.ca to support getting LIT for hyperborea.  LIT applications open on January 15 and remain open until January 31. After the first round of LIT funds have been awarded, round 2 [...]

Hyperborea 2020: Theme and Grant Announcement

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**Français ci-dessous** The Hyperborea team is excited to announce the theme for our 2020 journey to the lands beyond the north wind. Hyperborea: Tempest Time, the creator and destroyer of all things, pushes us forward inevitably. At times, we follow our brightest symbols, the guiding lights that point to our true north. At times, we pause at divergent roads, each path disappearing into the future. But then there are times of chaos and magic, of tremor and tumult. These are occasions of tempest, where the sheer entropy of nature reveals itself in its most elemental form. Neither good nor evil, it simply is, and it flows. Storms of wind and rain rupture the skies, and birth moments of physical, mental and emotional turbulence. Instinct demands [...]

Theme Camp Registration Open

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**Français ci-dessous**   Theme Camp Registration is now open!   Hello Hyperboreans and Hyperboreans to be,   The time has come to register your theme camps for Hyperborea 2020.   Please go to this Google form and do the thing if you’re interested in having a theme camp this year. The questions are thorough to help the City Design teams (Theme Camps, Placement, Lighting, and Sound) layout our temporary city with as little back-and-forth as possible.   *Registration form links:* English Français   Please be honest and accurate. Snarkiness in this application will just waste our time and yours and you likely won’t get what you want in the end.   Note there are important dates you will need to follow if you want to [...]

Hyperborea 2020 Leads Callout

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**Français ci-dessous** Hyperborea is not possible without the efforts of its amazing volunteers and incredible team leads. Without them (you), none of this is possible. There are a number of leadership positions currently open for Hyperborea 2020. Below is a list of the Departments and the roles we are looking to fill with eager Hyperboreans. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the Hyperborea Leadership Interest Form found at the bottom of this post.   Hyperborea Leadership Form    * * * * Hyperborea n’est pas possible sans sans les efforts exceptionnels de nos formidables bénévoles et les extraordinaires directeurs d’équipe. Sans eux (vous), rien de tout cela n'est possible. De nombreux postes de direction sont actuellement ouverts pour Hyperborea 2020. [...]

2019 Temple Applications Open!

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Hello Hyperboreans! The companion to the effigy, the Temple is the spiritual soul of Hyperborea. We are wholeheartedly excited to announce Temple Applications are now open, and will be accepting submissions until January 18th, 2019. To many, the Temple is a place of catharsis, where weary wanderers can gather to reflect, celebrate, and pay tribute to aspects of their lives past. Here, we hope to find forgiveness, closure, and resolution; a stepping stone to a new path in our earthly adventure. Last year, we welcomed  “Temple of Release” by the Site 3 Collective. Along with the opportunity to create a refuge in which many may find peace, we are happy to announce that a grant of $1,500 is available for this project. Details can be [...]

2019 Effigy Applications Open!

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Hyperboreans! Effigy Applications for Hyperborea: Crossroads are now open, and will be accepting submissions until January 4th 2019. The Effigy is the hearthstone of Hyperborea. A symbol of unity, an act of protest, the life of the party. A birthplace, ritual, celebration, heart. It is what you envision it to be, and is shared by all. We are also excited to announce that the Effigy grant has been increased to $1,500. All of the details about the application process can be found in the Effigy Application form, as well as the Art Grants section of our website: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/departments/art/art-grants-program/ Effigy Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/L8Wu0iDgWRCsYZDT2 If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to art@tohyperborea.ca Details around temple and general art grants will be made [...]

Hyperborea Leadership Opportunities

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Hyperborea is made possible by the efforts of its volunteers and team leads. Without them (you), none of this is possible. There are numerous leadership positions currently open for Hyperborea: Crossroads. Below is a list of the Departments and the roles we are looking to fill with eager Hyperboreans. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the Hyperborea Leadership Interest Form found at the bottom of this post.   Safety Department HQ Lead We're looking for one or two people to take on the position of Safety HQ Lead. This vital role will be responsible for setup, operation, and strike of the base of operations for our safety teams. It would include building and coordinating a team of HQ volunteers [...]

Hyperborea 2019 Theme Chosen

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The Hyperborea team is honored to announce the theme for our 2019 journey to the land beyond the north wind. Hyperborea: Crossroads. The world sits poised amidst an intersection. Diverging paths laid out before us. On multiple fronts - climatic, political, economic, communal - we are faced with hard choices. Forced to choose between opposing tangents that point at different destinations on the horizon. It seems appropriate, to honour this space of decision and contemplation, this limbo between our chaotic present and our potential futures. Throughout history, crossroads have been significant in our folklore and mythology. They represent the point of crossing over, the gate to another dimension, the spectral membrane between realms. In this space, reality is ruptured, spirits frolic, and pacts are made [...]

Effigy, Temple, and General Art Grant Dates

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Hello Hyperborean Artists and Makers! The timelines and deadlines for Hyperborea’s 2019 Effigy, Temple and General Art grants have been set! Effigy Submissions Open: Nov 23, Close: Jan 4 The Effigy is the heart of Hyperborea, its hearthstone and focal point. If you have a grand vision in mind for 2019 we would love to hear about it! Last year we had the stunning "Le Soleil de Minuit" (The Midnight Sun) as envisioned by the Les Mains dans le Feu (Hands In The Fire) collective from Montreal. Temple Submissions Open: Dec 7, Close: Jan 18 The Temple is the counterpoint and companion of the Effigy. Where the Effigy is a celebration and release, the temple is a place of introspection, remembrance and catharsis. Last year [...]

Hyperborea Theme Submissions

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Hello Hyperboreans! As autumn descends upon us, our team has begun the hard work of planning the festivities which will sprout in the spring. The chance to leave your mark on the next Hyperborea starts now! We would love to have your involvement in helping us find the 2019 theme. In past years we have had the amazing themes of ‘Breaking Ground’ in 2017, and ‘Azimuth’ in 2018. Got a theme idea for 2019? We wanna hear it! Click the link below to send us your thoughts for next year’s event. https://goo.gl/forms/JiaFcOZtWEK5LfH83 The form will be up for two weeks (Nov 5th), after which we’ll take a period of deliberation before announcing it. Your input is welcomed, appreciated, and invaluable! ~ The Hyperborean Make sure [...]

Hyperborea 2019 announcements!

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Hello Hyperboreans! We are diligently laying the groundwork for 2019, and we are excited for you to join us on this journey back to the lands of Hyperborea. Keep an eye on our website, emails and social media for upcoming Hyperborea 2019 announcements! ~The Hyperborean Make sure to stay up to date with Hyperborea developments by: Signing up for our mailing list - tohyperborea.ca/newsletter  Joining our FB group - facebook.com/groups/to.hyperborea

Land Scout Callout

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Hello Hyperboreans! The land of Hyperborea is a mystical place, full of wonder, and occasionally moves around. We are looking for some brave adventurers to aid us in locating land for the 2019 Hyperborea and those that follow. If you have reliable access to a trustworthy vehicle, and are able to ferry out other Hyperboreans for land scouting, or have leads for potential Hyperborea land please send us an email at land@tohyperborea.ca ~The Hyperborean

Hyperborea 2018 MOOP Map

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Hyperborea: Azimuth has come and gone, its travelers returned to their homes to await another year. The Burning Man principles are a big part of what make Hyperborea feel like home, and today we’re going to be talking about one in particular: Leave No Trace, the removal and reduction of all MOOP (Matter Out of Place). Anything that isn’t grass or dirt shouldn’t be left behind when we leave. Overall, there was very little MOOP this year, so we would like to give a big thank you to all the incredible Hyperboreans that cleaned up after themselves throughout the event. We are proud to see the lands left in near pristine shape! We also want to give a very special thank you to the Leave [...]

Hyperborea 2018 Afterburn Report

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The 2018 Afterburn Report is now published. A huge thanks to everyone involved in Hyperborea this year, it was quite a journey.  I really can't thank each and every one of you enough and can't wait to journey with you all again next year!

Last Chance for Tickets!

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Hello Hyperboreans! Last call for tickets! Ticket sales will be closing today (May 14th) at 11:59pm. You will need to register and purchase your ticket before that time, if you have not already. There will be no tickets for sale at the gate. If you want to attend Hyperborea this is your last chance! You can find the ticketing link and relevant information here: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/ ~ The Hyperborean

Update On Many Things – April 28th

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Hello Hyperboreans, Here is a weekly recap of what's going on with Hyperborea! Volunteers! Hyperborea is made possible by amazing volunteers just like you! You help keep our regional burn safe and amazing, and as an added bonus, we’re recognizing all volunteers who log 8 or more hours this year with a guaranteed ticket offer for 2019. We have some positions with LNT, First Aid and Sanctuary that we need willing Hyperboreans to help fill. Contact volunteer@tohyperborea.ca to follow up on these opportunities. Leave No Trace Does seeing litter offend you? Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? Combine the two and help return Hyperborea’s land to its pre-event state. All LNTers are able to stay for an extra day on the land [...]

What Where When submissions open

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The long awaited What Where When form is now live!   Please fill out the information about your events including: who’s hosting, location, time and description. Even if your camp is hosting multiple events, unless it’s the exact same event repeating at another time - please fill out separate forms.   Need help/co-hosts for your event? Have an event that requires people to bring things they normally wouldn’t have on hand? Want to attract interest and awareness beforehand? Post in the Facebook Hyperborea event page. There are plenty of people that will jump on things.   You have until Friday, May 11th at 11:59pm to fill out the form.  A copy of the WWW will be emailed to ticket holders that weekend. After that, you [...]

Some Ticketing Tips

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Just a friendly Hyperborean reminder that Ticket offers are good for 3 days before they cycle back into the system for the next people on the waitlist, that means most current offers are good until 11:59pm tomorrow night (25th). That means you should : 1) Be checking https://tickets.tohyperborea.ca/ daily to see where you are on the waitlist or register if you haven't yet! 2) When your ticket offer comes up, don't wait too long! 3 days can go by before you know it. 3) Be patient, the waitlist should be moving on a daily basis now, keep your eyes peeled. 4) If you are unable to go, please release your ticket offer so the waitlist moves quicker. 5) Check your “Promotions” and  junkmail for important [...]

Ticketing Update 4-23-2018

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Hello Hyperboreans, The first batch of tickets cycled at the passing of midnight last night. The current round of ticket offers are valid until 11:59:59pm on April 25th. At this point, those who have received an offer but not bought their ticket will be cycled back to the end of the waitlist, and those who are next on the waitlist will get a chance. Also in regards to our volunteer system, we ask that you please sign up for shifts online after you have confirmed that you are buying a ticket. ~The Hyperborean Make sure to stay up to date with Hyperborea developments by: Signing up for our mailing list - tohyperborea.ca/newsletter Joining our FB group - facebook.com/groups/to.hyperborea Checking out our Website - www.tohyperborea.ca

Update on many things!

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Hello Hyperboreans, It’s been a breathtaking ride to this point, and we are going to do our best to keep you informed. Given that facebook can be temperamental with how it shares our information, we suggest that you sign up to our mailing list (http://www.tohyperborea.ca/newsletter), and regularly check the website (http://www.tohyperborea.ca). Ticketing The first batch of ticket offers have been released and the offer will remain active till 11:59pm April 21st. At this point any unsold tickets will be make available to those on the waitlist in order of their waitlist position. If you are unable to to attend the event please use the “release my spot” link at https://tickets.tohyperborea.ca/ it as soon as possible so the next person can receive it and keep the [...]

Hyperborea 2018 is a go!

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Eager Hyperboreans! We know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for the announcement for tickets and we are pleased to announce that they are now on sale! We are a go for Hyperborea 2018. If you have already registered for tickets, you’ll be getting an email in your inbox imminently either with a link to buy your ticket, or a number on our waitlist. Those of you lucky enough to receive a ticket purchase invitation will have 5 DAYS ONLY to do so! If you don’t buy your ticket before April 22nd, it will get passed along to the next person on the waitlist. If you know you will not be able to attend and received a ticket offer, please rescind it as soon [...]

Theme Camp Registration – Submission extension

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Hail Hyperboreans! Thank you for your patience regarding the release of tickets, keeping this in mind we are moving back the deadline for Theme Camp registration to April 15th If you have a Theme Camp you want to run this year sign off on the form below, it will ensure we can properly place your camp as we design the city. https://goo.gl/forms/F1uvcFa4WcXNZsXl2 ~ The Hyperborean Make sure to stay up to date with Hyperborea developments by: Signing up for our mailing list - tohyperborea.ca/newsletter Joining our FB group - facebook.com/groups/to.hyperborea Checking out our Website - www.tohyperborea.ca

Leave No Trace!

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Hyperborea is a mystic and beautiful land, and it is up to each and every one of us Hyperboeans to ensure it stays that way.   We strive to be an effective Leave No Trace (LNT) event. There is no trash pickup at Hyperborea, so it is up to each of us to eliminate Matter Out of Place (MOOP). Whatever you bring in, you must bring out.   MOOP includes but is not limited to: bottles & cans, rope, debris, fruit peels, cigarette butts & ash (bring along a tin to ash and butt out), ash from fires, glitter, grey water, basically anything that wasn’t there before we arrived. Also don’t throw your MOOP in the portapotties!   Please bring heavy duty garbage bags (so [...]

Burning Man Sanctioning!!

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We are proud to announce that Hyperborea has been granted official Burning Man event status for 2018! The Hyperborea team has been hard at work to create an event that Hyperboreans and Burners alike can be proud to be a part of. We are excited to see you at Hyperborea, a Central Canada Regional event! ~ The Hyperborean Make sure to stay up to date with Hyperborea developments by: Signing up for our mailing list - tohyperborea.ca/newsletter Joining our FB group - facebook.com/groups/to.hyperborea Checking out our Website - www.tohyperborea.ca

Ticketing Update – Check yo email

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Hail Hyperboreans! Check your email for updates regarding the ticketing registration and main ticket sale date. If your using gmail, it may be hiding in your 'promotions' folder. ~The Hyperborean

Ticket Registration Ends Tonight!

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Ticket Registration ends tonight! 11:59 pm or 23:59 depending on your clock preference. Join us in the mythical lands of Hyperborea, sign up now! Remind your friends! Ticketing Home: http://tohyperborea.ca/ticketing Ticking Process: http://tohyperborea.ca/ticketing-process Ticketing Registration Link: http://tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/ticketing-links

Volunteer Appreciation Ticket Offer Extended

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Hi there Volunteers! We know there has been some difficulty getting used to the new ticketing system, as well as a few quirks with the implementation.  With that in mind, and to make sure that everyone who is eligible has a chance to participate, we have extended the volunteer appreciation ticket offer one week, until March 18th. So here is what I need from all of you.  If you volunteered 8 or more hours in a recorded, official capacity last year at Hyperborea (gate, greeters, rangers, dpw, etc) and you don’t yet have a volunteer ticket keep reading. Head over to tickets.tohyperborea.ca and make sure your registration is complete. If it already was, you may have the option to purchase a ticket, it will tell [...]

Theme Camp Registration is Open!

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THEME CAMPS! THEME CAMPS!! THEME CAMPS!!! The Theme Camp Registration Form is now live! It’s ready for you to tickle it with all your info about your camp, your gift, your campers, and other details.   Do you have a group of folks that you’re camping with? Are you bringing/offering a gift to the participants at Hyperborea to enjoy? Are you planning on playing amplified music (as in not from a bluetooth speaker, but larger speakers)?   Let us know about it so that we can place your camp in an ideal spot. You may also receive a certain number of early access passes, for those who have tickets in your camp, to get in early and set up before the event officially starts.   [...]

Art and Ticket Raffle

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Would you like to win a ticket to Hyperborea 2018 or a huge (2' x 5') AwesomePhotography.ca print? Only $5 will buy you an opportunity to win either! You can get your raffle tickets at universe.com/hyper-raffle-2018 The draw will be held on March 8th at Hyperborea Newbie Night. You don't need to be there to win, but you are of course welcome to come join us. tohyperborea.ca/2018/02/28/newbie-night/ All proceeds go to the Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team and are set aside for art at Hyperborea 2018. Hyperborea Golden Ticket AwesomePhotography.ca print

Ticketing Registration Open

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Hail Hyperboreans! Ticketing Registration for Hyperborea: Azimuth is now live! Just a reminder that the registration period runs from March 1st till March 14th, with the main sale taking place on the 16th. Please take your time to read through the ticketing process before signing up, as it clearly defines the process and answers many of the questions you may have. Can’t wait to see you all in the fields of Hyperborea. Ticketing Home: tohyperborea.ca/ticketing Ticketing Process: tohyperborea.ca/ticketing-process Ticketing FAQ: tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/ticketing-links/ticketing-faq Ticketing Registration Link: tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/ticketing-links

Newbie Night!

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Interested in Hyperborea? Have no idea how to prepare for the Canadian wilderness? Or perhaps you went last year and know everything there is to know? Come on out for the Hyperborean Newbie Night and share in all the knowledge, and a few drinks with friends. We'll be downstairs at the Firkin on King, starting at 7pm sharp with a presentation that covers a lot of the things you need to ask yourself, then we'll have open knowledge-sharing question time. If there's a subject you're passionate about and would like to say something about it as part of the presentation, please let Dom Scott or Shane Baelish know and we can make it happen! We will also be drawing the winner of our Hyperborea raffle [...]

Event Date and Ticket Details

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Hail Hyperboreans!   We are excited to announce the date for 2018, and the process for getting your hands on some tickets.   Hyperborea: Azimuth will be taking place May 17th-21st (an extra day!!) at the lovely Freedom Fields located near the township of Tamworth, Ontario.   For 2018, tickets are going to cost an even $100.   2017 was an amazing year which saw Hyperborea sell to capacity, to ensure equal chances for tickets in 2018 there is a registration and lottery system in place.   You will be able to register for tickets from March 1st-14th, link to this will be posted to the website, FB group page, and mailing list on March 1st. On March 15th, a lottery will be run and [...]

Art & Temple Grants

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Hail Hyperboreans! Art Grant submissions are now open! If you have a revolutionary artistic vision, captivating experience, or playful idea for Hyperborea, we want to empower its creation. The deadline for ALL of these submissions has been extended to 11:59 pm March 11th!   General Art Grants We are excited to offer the following four grant options to help realize your artistic visions: Small and Large Art Grants, Refurb Grants and Micro Grants. The Small and Large Art Grants are for new art projects being made for Hyperborea. In particular, Large Art Grants are for projects with a focus on interactivity and involved experiences. Refurb Grants are available for improvements or additions to pre-existing projects. Last but not-even-a-little-bit least, Micro Grants are available with the [...]

Leads Callout

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Hello Hyperboreans! We’re still looking to fill a few key roles for our Leadership Team for Hyperborea 2018 and would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved:     Volunteer Coordinator     LNT Leads     Exodus Leads     HQ Leads     Web Development: Tech & Design We’re also looking for numerous Co-Leads and Shadows in other departments too. If you’re interested in getting involved through any of these roles, please fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email lovebeard@tohyperborea.ca.   EVENT Leads: Jesse & Seth ART Department Lead: Rehanna     Art Grant Lead: Rehanna     Artery Lead: Jody     Logistics Coordinator: Kris COMMS Department Leads: Shane & Sam     The Hyperborean: Dom & [...]

Theme & Effigy Announcement

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Hail Hyperboreans! We are excited to announce the theme and effigy for this years journey to the land of Hyperborea, land beyond the North wind. By way of Montreal (land north even to us), the "Les mains dans le feu" (hands in the fire) collective brings us our effigy "Le soleil de minuit" (The Midnight Sun). In this light, Hyperborea's 2018 theme will be 'Azimuth'. Azimuth is the angle that travelers use to align themselves with the true north. For us Hyperboreans, the Azimuth represents our compass. It guides us when we are lost; it orients us when we cannot see the path. It is the tangent we follow as we journey across horizons, beneath arcs sketched by morning stars across the northern sky - [...]

Realities #2 – Hyperborea Fundraiser Party

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R E A L I T I E S - A Hyperborea Art Grant Fundraiser We're doing it again! Bring your fabulous selves to House of VR for another Realities Art Grant Fundraiser for Hyperborea! Based off the massive success of raising over $2,700 in the first Realities party, we're looking to surpass $5,000 total for funds raised that directly support art grants for Hyperborea 2018! Come and join us to explore 2 floors of different realities through art, music and dance from a number of Toronto artists and DJs. Lineup to be announced soon... Where: House of VR (639 Queen St W) When: Sat, Feb 24th 10pm-3am TICKETS https://www.universe.com/events/realities-2-hyperborea-art-grant-fundraiser-tickets-C549TM Early Bird  -- SOLD OUT -- $25 Advance $30 On the Door Save yourself $5 [...]

R E A L I T I E S – An Art Fundraiser Party

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House of VR and the Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team are proud to announce: R E A L I T I E S - An Art Fundraiser Party THEMES/ INSPIRATIONS: Realities, fantasy, utopias, dystopias, portals, dreams, travel, nightmares, other-worldly, future, past, make-believe, planetary, cosmic, etc. Where: House of VR (639 Queen St W) When: Sat, Nov 25th 10pm-3am What: Come and join us to explore different realities through art, music and dance from a number of Toronto artists and DJs. Lineup to be announced soon! Why: The inaugural Hyperborea 2017 was amazing in every way...except...WE WANT MORE ART! The Toronto Burner community showed itself that we can create our own reality, so we want to make Hyperborea even better next year. The profits from this event [...]

Applications for Hyperborea 2018 Effigy Build now open

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Hyperboreans! Behold! The Effigy submission is upon you! The Effigy: A symbol of unity. An act of protest. The life of the party. A birthplace. Ritual. Celebration. Heart. Applications for the Hyperborea 2018 Effigy Build are now open. Our 2018 Effigy grant offering has increased to $1000. All the details you need to know can be found on the application form, and on the 2018 Art's Grants Page.  We wish you the best in your creative endeavors, and hope to create something amazing for all of Hyperborea to see, celebrate, and eventually burn. To stay up to date with any developments regarding the Art projects and processes for 2018, please check back to the Hyperborea website as it will be updated as information is made available. [...]

Effigy Submissions Opening Soon!

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Hyperboreans! Prepare! The call for 2018 Effigy submissions is happening soon!. The Effigy is the hearthstone of our event. As such we believe that you, the creators of such an important element, should have the freedom to create exactly what your hearts desires. As it is central to our event, this year the selected Effigy will be provide the inspiration for the Hyperborea 2018 theme! That’s right! No limitations. Show us what you’ve got. Your applications will be judged on a variety of criteria including: Artistic Excellence (Design & Philosophy) Completeness of design Feasibility & Constructability Appropriateness of Budget Moop/LNT Plan Risk Mitigation Plan   Submissions for effigy will open on October 20th at noon on tohyperborea.com. Submissions will close at midnight on November 24th. [...]

The Hyperborean Speaks!

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Hail Traveler! It is I, the Hyperborean! Mouthpiece of the fabled lands of Hyperborea... I know, a witty and somewhat confusing name on both accounts. Soon we shall have this website fully functional, and full of information for seasoned Hyperboreans and newcomers alike. Till then, may your adventures be full of wonder. ~TH