Interested in Hyperborea? Have no idea how to prepare for the Canadian wilderness? Or perhaps you went last year and know everything there is to know?

Come on out for the Hyperborean Newbie Night and share in all the knowledge, and a few drinks with friends.

We’ll be downstairs at the Firkin on King, starting at 7pm sharp with a presentation that covers a lot of the things you need to ask yourself, then we’ll have open knowledge-sharing question time.

If there’s a subject you’re passionate about and would like to say something about it as part of the presentation, please let Dom Scott or Shane Baelish know and we can make it happen!

We will also be drawing the winner of our Hyperborea raffle at the Newbie Night. Prizes are either a golden ticket to Hyperborea or a huge (2′ x 5′) print!

You don’t have to be there to win and you can buy your ticket in advance or in person at the event

Hyperborea Golden Ticket

Hyperborea Golden Ticket print print