Hail Hyperboreans!

We are excited to announce the theme and effigy for this years journey to the land of Hyperborea, land beyond the North wind.

By way of Montreal (land north even to us), the “Les mains dans le feu” (hands in the fire) collective brings us our effigy “Le soleil de minuit” (The Midnight Sun). In this light, Hyperborea’s 2018 theme will be ‘Azimuth’.

Azimuth is the angle that travelers use to align themselves with the true north. For us Hyperboreans, the Azimuth represents our compass. It guides us when we are lost; it orients us when we cannot see the path. It is the tangent we follow as we journey across horizons, beneath arcs sketched by morning stars across the northern sky – until finally, we arrive home, are welcomed, and can congregate together under the glow of our midnight sun.

~ The Hyperborean

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