The Theme Camp Registration Form is now live! It’s ready for you to tickle it with all your info about your camp, your gift, your campers, and other details.
Do you have a group of folks that you’re camping with? Are you bringing/offering a gift to the participants at Hyperborea to enjoy? Are you planning on playing amplified music (as in not from a bluetooth speaker, but larger speakers)?
Let us know about it so that we can place your camp in an ideal spot. You may also receive a certain number of early access passes, for those who have tickets in your camp, to get in early and set up before the event officially starts.
Camp registration will run from March 1st to April 1st. Once registration closes we will begin finalizing all of the received details. Registered camps will be asked additional info throughout the registration process, and after registration closes, to make sure we design our Hyperborean city as best as possible
You can find the Theme Camp registration Form here:
~ The Hyperborean
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