Just a friendly Hyperborean reminder that Ticket offers are good for 3 days before they cycle back into the system for the next people on the waitlist, that means most current offers are good until 11:59pm tomorrow night (25th).

That means you should :

1) Be checking https://tickets.tohyperborea.ca/ daily to see where you are on the waitlist or register if you haven’t yet!
2) When your ticket offer comes up, don’t wait too long! 3 days can go by before you know it.
3) Be patient, the waitlist should be moving on a daily basis now, keep your eyes peeled.
4) If you are unable to go, please release your ticket offer so the waitlist moves quicker.
5) Check your “Promotions” and  junkmail for important emails. If you add ticketing@tohyperborea.ca to your contacts to ensure you get the emails notifying you of your ticket status.6) Once you get your ticket, sign up for volunteer shifts to help make Hyperborea a better place at https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/

If you have any concerns please reach out to ticketing@tohyperborea.ca

~The Hyperborean

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