After a unanimous decision, the HEAT Board of Directors and Producers must announce with heavy hearts that Hyperborea: Tempest has been cancelled for 2020.

Our ongoing monitoring of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation has called on us to make a difficult decision regarding our Civic Responsibility to you, your loved ones, our volunteers, our community, and the Township of Stone Mills. Although we are saddened to not be able to move forward with this year’s event, we know that it is the responsible decision.

We each play a role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and with present measures in place, it means that all aspects of our lives are impacted. Right now each and every one of us is facing challenges in dealing with the ever changing situation and we want our community to focus on getting through this difficult time.

What are my ticket options?

All purchased tickets and parking passes for Hyperborea: Tempest will be honored for Hyperborea 2021. So if you already have your ticket, you can hold onto it and avoid the ticket lottery next year.

Alternatively, if you require a refund, we will be offering full refunds for the ticket and parking pass (if you purchased one) to anyone who returns their tickets through our ticketing system. Should you opt to refund your ticket, we ask you to do this by May 31, 2020.

How do I request a refund?

Just as they were bought separately, tickets and vehicle passes need to be refunded separately. This means there are a few clicks to go through, but you will receive a full refund (including fees) for each.

Please note that refunds will take 7-10 business days to appear on your credit card statement.

Go to: and login. On the main page you should see a link to refund your ticket AND a link a bit further down to refund your vehicle pass.

It’s possible the ticketing system will get you lost along the way. If that happens, you can click these links to take you directly to each refund page:

  • Check the “Confirm” box

  • Click the “Request Refund” button

  • Click the big blue “Request Pass Refund” button


If you have any questions, please contact and they’ll be happy to help.

What happens to refunded tickets?

The refunded tickets will be rolled into the Hyperborea 2021 ticket allotment for next year’s ticket lottery.

Moving forward

Hyperborea is more than just an event, it has become a community. We understand that COVID-19 has affected each Hyperborean and that the challenges you are each facing are unique. This experience might be overwhelming, so be kind to each other. Ask for support. Offer support. Drink water. Make art.

Take care of yourselves.

We will be back in a field of art among friends again, stronger and more resilient.

The Hyperborean