Hyperborea is made possible by the efforts of its volunteers and team leads. Without them (you), none of this is possible.

There are numerous leadership positions currently open for Hyperborea: Crossroads. Below is a list of the Departments and the roles we are looking to fill with eager Hyperboreans. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the Hyperborea Leadership Interest Form found at the bottom of this post.  

Safety Department

HQ Lead
We’re looking for one or two people to take on the position of Safety HQ Lead. This vital role will be responsible for setup, operation, and strike of the base of operations for our safety teams. It would include building and coordinating a team of HQ volunteers to fill generators, turn on heaters, hand out radios, and keep our infrastructure operating smoothly.

Volunteer Department

Volunteer Coordinator 
We are looking for individuals based in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa to help coordinate and manage all elements of volunteering within Hyperborea, or on behalf of Hyperborea.
The role involves assessing and meeting the needs of the department leads, through recruitment, placement, and retention of volunteers.

Department of Public Works

Centre Camp Lead
We require an intrepid individual to be responsible for the design, budgeting, construction, maintenance, and disassembly of the Centre Camp structure. Centre Camp should provide a place for attendees to gather, hold workshops, display art, offer classes, and other activities.

Sign Lead
A city needs signs! Signs for roads, for locations, and for other things that need to be marked. If this sounds like you, let us know!

Lighting Lead
The lighting lead is responsible for determining the lighting requirements at the event, the resources required to facilitate it, and ensuring it operates for the duration of the event.

City Department

Sound Co-Lead
On-Site Placement

Art Department

Art Grant Coordinator (Toronto & Montreal)
Responsible for start up tasks and management of the art grant program, including coordinating with artists to ensure needs are met and expectations are clear. This individual would also be responsible for the organization and administration of data. For this year we are looking for an additional individual to help facilitate this for the Montreal community.

Art Grant Logistics (Montreal)
Coordination of transportation and logistics for Art Grant projects coming from Montreal.

Artery Co-Lead (Toronto)
Assisting with the development and establishment of an on-site hub for Arts at Hyperborea. Includes coordinating with on-site placement, troubleshooting, providing info about the projects, and creation of a comfortable, interesting space to hang out in.

Info Department

French Language Coordinator (Montreal)
Canada is officially bilingual, and we have dreams of our communications being bilingual as well. If you have experience translating documents from English to French, let us know, as we would love to take you onboard.

Website/Graphic Designer
Have experience with graphic design and/or website (WordPress) development? We are currently in the process of redesigning and updating our online presence, and could use the extra set of hands.

Hyperborea Leadership Form


~ The Hyperborean

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