The Hyperborea team is honored to announce the theme for our 2019 journey to the land beyond the north wind.

Hyperborea: Crossroads.

The world sits poised amidst an intersection. Diverging paths laid out before us. On multiple fronts – climatic, political, economic, communal – we are faced with hard choices. Forced to choose between opposing tangents that point at different destinations on the horizon. It seems appropriate, to honour this space of decision and contemplation, this limbo between our chaotic present and our potential futures.

Throughout history, crossroads have been significant in our folklore and mythology. They represent the point of crossing over, the gate to another dimension, the spectral membrane between realms. In this space, reality is ruptured, spirits frolic, and pacts are made with devils. Here, we get a brief glimpse of what lies beyond; the supernatural, the unknown, the magical, the impossible.

Over the years, great cities have been born at crossroads, these junctions of possibility. As the point of convergence for roads and rails, crossroads are where people gather, encounter, and discover one another. Our homes are built around this centre – like the ring of hours on a clock face. Bonds are formed, communities made, and temples and effigies erected. Crossroads are where our journeys intersect – where, for a moment in time, we all walk together, before parting ways once again.

~ The Hyperborean

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