Hail Hyperboreans!

Art Grant submissions are now open! If you have a revolutionary artistic vision, captivating experience, or playful idea for Hyperborea, we want to empower its creation.

The deadline for ALL of these submissions has been extended to 11:59 pm March 11th!  

General Art Grants
We are excited to offer the following four grant options to help realize your artistic visions: Small and Large Art Grants, Refurb Grants and Micro Grants.

The Small and Large Art Grants are for new art projects being made for Hyperborea. In particular, Large Art Grants are for projects with a focus on interactivity and involved experiences.

Refurb Grants are available for improvements or additions to pre-existing projects.

Last but not-even-a-little-bit least, Micro Grants are available with the sole purpose of creating whimsy. Do whatever you want! Costumes, performances, anything goes – just make it unique and playful!

General Art Grant application: 


Temple Grant
As the Effigy “Le soleil de minuit” is the heart of Hyperborea, the Temple is its counterpoint and companion. Catharsis, Introspection, Remembrance – our Temple is a structure for ritualized connection and transformation.

We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Temple Grant offering has increased to $1000, and are eagerly anticipating the designs made possible with this additional funding. Let’s build upon our history and make this year’s Temple something special.

Temple Grant application:


The Art Department is responsible for the Art Grant Programs, the Artery and associated logistical conundrums. If you have any questions feel free to reach them at ART@tohyperborea.com

~ The Hyperborean

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