Hello Hyperboreans!

We’re still looking to fill a few key roles for our Leadership Team for Hyperborea 2018 and would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved:

    Volunteer Coordinator
    LNT Leads
    Exodus Leads
    HQ Leads
    Web Development: Tech & Design

We’re also looking for numerous Co-Leads and Shadows in other departments too. If you’re interested in getting involved through any of these roles, please fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email lovebeard@tohyperborea.ca.


EVENT Leads: Jesse & Seth
ART Department Lead: Rehanna
    Art Grant Lead: Rehanna
    Artery Lead: Jody
    Logistics Coordinator: Kris
COMMS Department Leads: Shane & Sam
    The Hyperborean: Dom & Keight
    Survival Guide & WWW Lead: Tamara
    Newsletter Lead: Wulfie
City Department Lead: Sarah
    DPW Leads: Sarah & Wulfie
    LNT Lead: TBD
    Placement & Theme Camp Leads: Alex & Antonio
    Sound Lead: Caspar
    Sound Enforcement Lead: Wilson
    Logistics Coordinator: William
FLOW Department Lead: Shuna
    Gate Lead: Troy
    Greeter Lead: Vikki
    Exodus Lead: TBD
    Parking Lead: Paul & Wayne
SAFETY Department Lead: Seth 
    HQ Lead: TBD
    Ranger Leads: Lindsay & Paula
    First Aid Lead: Lisa
    Fire Safety Lead: Trevyn & Trish
    Radio Lead: Alex & Michael
    Sanctuary Lead: Maria & Tarver
TECH Department Lead: Tim
    Web Design: TBD
    Web Dev: TBD


If you’re interested in getting involved in Hyperborea on any of these teams,

fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email lovebeard@tohyperborea.ca

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Signing up for our mailing list – tohyperborea.ca/newsletter  
Joining our FB group – facebook.com/groups/to.hyperborea
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