Hail Hyperboreans!
We are excited to announce the date for 2018, and the process for getting your hands on some tickets.
Hyperborea: Azimuth will be taking place May 17th-21st (an extra day!!) at the lovely Freedom Fields located near the township of Tamworth, Ontario.
For 2018, tickets are going to cost an even $100.
2017 was an amazing year which saw Hyperborea sell to capacity, to ensure equal chances for tickets in 2018 there is a registration and lottery system in place.
You will be able to register for tickets from March 1st-14th, link to this will be posted to the website, FB group page, and mailing list on March 1st. On March 15th, a lottery will be run and those selected receive invitations to purchase a ticket.
Also because Volunteers are awesome, if you volunteered 8+ hours at Hyperborea last year and are in good standing, you get the opportunity to partake in the Volunteer Directed sale. This runs March 2nd till the 11th, available via an emailed invitation. If you do not receive the invitation and believe you qualify for the Volunteer Directed Sale, there will be a form that you can fill out to inquire about it.
If you have any questions we suggest you check out our Ticketing FAQ: tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/ticketing-links/ticketing-faq/
~ The Hyperborean
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