Hi there Volunteers!

We know there has been some difficulty getting used to the new ticketing system, as well as a few quirks with the implementation.  With that in mind, and to make sure that everyone who is eligible has a chance to participate, we have extended the volunteer appreciation ticket offer one week, until March 18th.

So here is what I need from all of you.  If you volunteered 8 or more hours in a recorded, official capacity last year at Hyperborea (gate, greeters, rangers, dpw, etc) and you don’t yet have a volunteer ticket keep reading.

  1. Head over to tickets.tohyperborea.ca and make sure your registration is complete.
    1. If it already was, you may have the option to purchase a ticket, it will tell you if you do
    2. If it isn’t, please complete your registration as if you were entering the lottery
  2. Once you’ve completed/verified your registration, you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a ticket, and you completed 8 or more official volunteer hours for Hyperborea in 2017 then please fill out this form to let us know: https://goo.gl/forms/Qt5Kib0mVOBXJ2Y72

Hyperborea wouldn’t be possible without all of you, thank you so much, and I can’t wait to see you all in the fields!