Hyperborea 2019 Theme Chosen

The Hyperborea team is honored to announce the theme for our 2019 journey to the land beyond the north wind.

Hyperborea: Crossroads.

The world sits poised amidst an intersection. Diverging paths laid out before us. On multiple fronts – climatic, political, economic, communal – we are faced with hard choices. Forced to choose between opposing tangents that point at different destinations on the horizon. It seems appropriate, to honour this space of decision and contemplation, this limbo between our chaotic present and our potential futures.

Throughout history, crossroads have been significant in our folklore and mythology. They represent the point of crossing over, the gate to another dimension, the spectral membrane between realms. In this space, reality is ruptured, spirits frolic, and pacts are made with devils. Here, we get a brief glimpse of what lies beyond; the supernatural, the unknown, the magical, the impossible.

Over the years, great cities have been born at crossroads, these junctions of possibility. As the point of convergence for roads and rails, crossroads are where people gather, encounter, and discover one another. Our homes are built around this centre – like the ring of hours on a clock face. Bonds are formed, communities made, and temples and effigies erected. Crossroads are where our journeys intersect – where, for a moment in time, we all walk together, before parting ways once again.

~ The Hyperborean

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Effigy, Temple, and General Art Grant Dates

Hello Hyperborean Artists and Makers!

The timelines and deadlines for Hyperborea’s 2019 Effigy, Temple and General Art grants have been set!

Submissions Open: Nov 23, Close: Jan 4
The Effigy is the heart of Hyperborea, its hearthstone and focal point. If you have a grand vision in mind for 2019 we would love to hear about it!

Last year we had the stunning “Le Soleil de Minuit” (The Midnight Sun) as envisioned by the Les Mains dans le Feu (Hands In The Fire) collective from Montreal.

Submissions Open: Dec 7, Close: Jan 18
The Temple is the counterpoint and companion of the Effigy. Where the Effigy is a celebration and release, the temple is a place of introspection, remembrance and catharsis.

Last year we were graced with the “Temple of Release” by the Site 3 Collective.

General Art Grants
Submissions Open: Jan 26, Close: Feb 21
Much like years prior there will be various categories of art grants that Hyperboreans can apply for. We seek to enable your creativity for everything from great big art to small – whimsical pieces.

Detailed information and application forms will be available on our website leading up to the dates listed above. You will be able to find all the submission documents on our website during the dates listed. We can’t wait to see what you all will create.

For any questions please email art@tohyperborea.ca

~ The Hyperborean

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Hyperborea Theme Submissions

Hello Hyperboreans!

As autumn descends upon us, our team has begun the hard work of planning the festivities which will sprout in the spring.

The chance to leave your mark on the next Hyperborea starts now! We would love to have your involvement in helping us find the 2019 theme. In past years we have had the amazing themes of ‘Breaking Ground’ in 2017, and ‘Azimuth’ in 2018.

Got a theme idea for 2019? We wanna hear it! Click the link below to send us your thoughts for next year’s event.


The form will be up for two weeks (Nov 5th), after which we’ll take a period of deliberation before announcing it.

Your input is welcomed, appreciated, and invaluable!

~ The Hyperborean

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Land Scout Callout

Hello Hyperboreans!

The land of Hyperborea is a mystical place, full of wonder, and occasionally moves around.

We are looking for some brave adventurers to aid us in locating land for the 2019 Hyperborea and those that follow.

If you have reliable access to a trustworthy vehicle, and are able to ferry out other Hyperboreans for land scouting, or have leads for potential Hyperborea land please send us an email at land@tohyperborea.ca

~The Hyperborean

Hyperborea 2018 MOOP Map

Hyperborea: Azimuth has come and gone, its travelers returned to their homes to await another year.

The Burning Man principles are a big part of what make Hyperborea feel like home, and today we’re going to be talking about one in particular: Leave No Trace, the removal and reduction of all MOOP (Matter Out of Place). Anything that isn’t grass or dirt shouldn’t be left behind when we leave.

Overall, there was very little MOOP this year, so we would like to give a big thank you to all the incredible Hyperboreans that cleaned up after themselves throughout the event. We are proud to see the lands left in near pristine shape! We also want to give a very special thank you to the Leave No Trace crew that stayed to the bitter end picking up the last bits of MOOP.

The Haya is an actively used hay field, so particularly troubling items that can be left behind are things that could interfere with farm equipment (firewood, tent pegs, railroad spikes), or would be gross for the farmer to deal with. We also found a number of biodegradeable items, that may seem ok to leave (food waste, egg shells, sawdust) but they are still MOOP that needed to be tidied up.

If you have any particularly stubborn MOOP (such as Excalibur-like railway spikes), let other camps know you need help; you might be surprised at the help you get! If you ask real nice, DPW might even be able to help you out too…

We use the MOOP map to keep track of how well we did as a community, and to help guide our placement requests for next year (hint: camps with good MOOP get favourable placement next year).

With that said, we’d like to present the 2018 Hyperborean MOOP Map

Red Markers: Areas where the LNT team had to do additional work to collect MOOP return the land to pre-event conditions. MOOP can include almost anything: Cigarette butts, tinsel, wood, etc.

What Where When submissions open

The long awaited What Where When form is now live!


Please fill out the information about your events including: who’s hosting, location, time and description. Even if your camp is hosting multiple events, unless it’s the exact same event repeating at another time – please fill out separate forms.


Need help/co-hosts for your event? Have an event that requires people to bring things they normally wouldn’t have on hand? Want to attract interest and awareness beforehand? Post in the Facebook Hyperborea event page. There are plenty of people that will jump on things.


You have until Friday, May 11th at 11:59pm to fill out the form.  A copy of the WWW will be emailed to ticket holders that weekend. After that, you can add/edit events on the Event Board at Hyperborea and imitate your best town crier to attract participants.


WWW Submission Form 2018

Volunteer Appreciation Ticket Offer Extended

Hi there Volunteers!

We know there has been some difficulty getting used to the new ticketing system, as well as a few quirks with the implementation.  With that in mind, and to make sure that everyone who is eligible has a chance to participate, we have extended the volunteer appreciation ticket offer one week, until March 18th.

So here is what I need from all of you.  If you volunteered 8 or more hours in a recorded, official capacity last year at Hyperborea (gate, greeters, rangers, dpw, etc) and you don’t yet have a volunteer ticket keep reading.

  1. Head over to tickets.tohyperborea.ca and make sure your registration is complete.
    1. If it already was, you may have the option to purchase a ticket, it will tell you if you do
    2. If it isn’t, please complete your registration as if you were entering the lottery
  2. Once you’ve completed/verified your registration, you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a ticket, and you completed 8 or more official volunteer hours for Hyperborea in 2017 then please fill out this form to let us know: https://goo.gl/forms/Qt5Kib0mVOBXJ2Y72

Hyperborea wouldn’t be possible without all of you, thank you so much, and I can’t wait to see you all in the fields!

Art & Temple Grants

Hail Hyperboreans!

Art Grant submissions are now open! If you have a revolutionary artistic vision, captivating experience, or playful idea for Hyperborea, we want to empower its creation.

The deadline for ALL of these submissions has been extended to 11:59 pm March 11th!  

General Art Grants
We are excited to offer the following four grant options to help realize your artistic visions: Small and Large Art Grants, Refurb Grants and Micro Grants.

The Small and Large Art Grants are for new art projects being made for Hyperborea. In particular, Large Art Grants are for projects with a focus on interactivity and involved experiences.

Refurb Grants are available for improvements or additions to pre-existing projects.

Last but not-even-a-little-bit least, Micro Grants are available with the sole purpose of creating whimsy. Do whatever you want! Costumes, performances, anything goes – just make it unique and playful!

General Art Grant application: 


Temple Grant
As the Effigy “Le soleil de minuit” is the heart of Hyperborea, the Temple is its counterpoint and companion. Catharsis, Introspection, Remembrance – our Temple is a structure for ritualized connection and transformation.

We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Temple Grant offering has increased to $1000, and are eagerly anticipating the designs made possible with this additional funding. Let’s build upon our history and make this year’s Temple something special.

Temple Grant application:


The Art Department is responsible for the Art Grant Programs, the Artery and associated logistical conundrums. If you have any questions feel free to reach them at ART@tohyperborea.com

~ The Hyperborean

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Leads Callout

Hello Hyperboreans!

We’re still looking to fill a few key roles for our Leadership Team for Hyperborea 2018 and would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved:

    Volunteer Coordinator
    LNT Leads
    Exodus Leads
    HQ Leads
    Web Development: Tech & Design

We’re also looking for numerous Co-Leads and Shadows in other departments too. If you’re interested in getting involved through any of these roles, please fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email lovebeard@tohyperborea.ca.


EVENT Leads: Jesse & Seth
ART Department Lead: Rehanna
    Art Grant Lead: Rehanna
    Artery Lead: Jody
    Logistics Coordinator: Kris
COMMS Department Leads: Shane & Sam
    The Hyperborean: Dom & Keight
    Survival Guide & WWW Lead: Tamara
    Newsletter Lead: Wulfie
City Department Lead: Sarah
    DPW Leads: Sarah & Wulfie
    LNT Lead: TBD
    Placement & Theme Camp Leads: Alex & Antonio
    Sound Lead: Caspar
    Sound Enforcement Lead: Wilson
    Logistics Coordinator: William
FLOW Department Lead: Shuna
    Gate Lead: Troy
    Greeter Lead: Vikki
    Exodus Lead: TBD
    Parking Lead: Paul & Wayne
SAFETY Department Lead: Seth 
    HQ Lead: TBD
    Ranger Leads: Lindsay & Paula
    First Aid Lead: Lisa
    Fire Safety Lead: Trevyn & Trish
    Radio Lead: Alex & Michael
    Sanctuary Lead: Maria & Tarver
TECH Department Lead: Tim
    Web Design: TBD
    Web Dev: TBD


If you’re interested in getting involved in Hyperborea on any of these teams,

fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email lovebeard@tohyperborea.ca

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