Welcome to Art at Hyperborea!

We’re proud to announce that our inaugural year of ground breaking and dream making was a triumphant success and we’re so glad you’re here looking for more. Our community poured their hearts and souls into our 2017 event, and it’s all of you that really made the magic happen. Thank you!

A rich curation of art is the keystone of Hyperborea, and our mission is to enable artists to bring their creations to our land beyond the Northern Winds. Our 2018 Art Grant offerings will be released shortly, but rest assured they are bigger and better than ever.

The Art Grant review committee is currently taking on new committee members. To get involved please email

A new addition to the event this year, the artery is your go to spot for information on our grant projects, art tours, and information on how to get involved. The artery also provides crucial on site services such as artist check in and setup assistance, safety checks, and documentation.

To get involved with the Artery at Hyperborea please email

You can also learn more about the Art Department, by checking out their department page.