Hyperborea strives to be an efficient Leave No Trace (LNT) event. There is no trash pickup at Hyperborea, so it’s up to all of us to eliminate Matter Out of Place (MOOP). Whatever you bring in, you bring out. This includes anything that might be trash: bottles, rope, debris, fruit peels, cigarette butts, glitter, and almost anything else. (Hot tip: To make this process easier on yourself and the collective community, you may want to consider leaving particularly “moopy” items – like that disheveled feather boa you love so much – at home.)

The LNT department has the glorious task of ensuring we follow this principle, both in the education of MOOP management and conducting the final sweeps of the event grounds.


Volunteer with LNT

Help us leave no trace! At the end of the event, we need volunteers to make sure that no MOOP is left in camping areas or common areas. Once you’ve purchased a ticket, you can learn more and sign up for volunteer shifts via the ticketing system.

Any questions? Contact LNT directly at: LNT@tohyperborea.ca

Common LNT topics


If it’s not naturally produced by you, don’t put it in there.  The only exception is single-ply toilet paper.

Absolutely no wet wipes, pads, or tampons. These items clog the hoses, which means some poor soul will have to put their hands in there to clear them out. Instead, to dispose of these items, double bag them and place them in your personal garbage or in your camp trash.


You will need to haul out all your own trash. There are no trash cans on site.

Radical self-reliance means you are responsible for all your own trash, so please bring bags with you. You can even carry a bag with you to dispose of garbage you find on your adventures.

Ensure that whatever you bring has the least amount of trash possible. Unwrap and dispose of packaging at home. Do not bring disposable plates/cutlery/cups.

Cigarette butts are the worst kind of MOOP.  Bring a tin to carry on as an ashtray and butt store.

It is absolutely unacceptable to leave anything for others to pick up after you, and is a direct violation of the principles.