Leave No Trace

Hyperborea strives to be an efficient Leave No Trace (LNT) event, there is no trash pickup at Hyperborea so it is up to all of us to eliminate Matter Out of Place (MOOP), whatever you bring in, you bring out. This includes anything that might be trash: bottles, rope, debris, fruit peels, cigarette butts, glitter, and almost anything else.

If you want to go above and beyond helping with our LNT initiative, check out our Leave No Trace team for more information and opportunities.


Here are some common LNT topics
Portapotties – if it’s not naturally produced by you or one-ply toilet paper don’t put it in there. No wet wipes. No pads. No tampons – we don’t want them floating around there looking like a massacred flock of tiny albino stingrays. All these clog up the hoses and nobody wants to have to have their hands in that to clear it out. Double bag zip-locks and line with a garbage bag to put all your personal garbage in there to dispose of in your camp trash discreetly.

Trash – you will need to haul out your own trash. There are no trash cans on site. Radical self-reliance means you are responsible for all your own trash, so please bring bags with you and even carry a little zip lock to put things you find along your way. Cigarette butts are the worst kind of MOOP so please bring a tin you can use as your own ashtray and butt store. It is absolutely unacceptable to leave anything for others to pick up after you – it is a direct violation of the principles. Please ensure that whatever you bring has the least amount of trash, unwrap packing and dispose at home and don’t bring disposable plates/cutlery/cups.

By the Talented Fee Gun!