Great news! The Effigy application deadline has been extended from January 4th (today) to January 18th, so it now closes on the same day as the Temple application.

If you have an idea for either Effigy or Temple at Hyperborea 2019: Crossroads, don’t hesitate to submit your application using the links below. The grants for each of these projects are set at $1,500, and the Art Team can be reached at art@tohyperborea.ca to answer any of your questions.

Effigy Application Form:

Temple Application Form:

Are you interested in building either the Temple or Effigy, but are still working out your grand design? Fill out the form below to help keep us informed and on track!

Temple and Effigy Interest form:

~ The Hyperborean

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Theme Camp Registration is open!

Theme Camp Registration for Hyperborea: Crossroads is now open!

If you have an established or aspiring theme camp, use the google form below to register for Hyperborea: Crossroads.

Theme Camp Registration

The City Department (Theme Camps, Placement, Sound) will use the information to plan the city layout as painlessly as possible. Accuracy and honesty is greatly appreciated during the application so we can properly ensure everyone is on the same page. The cutoff for theme camp registration is April 30th.

Theme camp tickets and placement

There are two rounds of directed sale tickets that will be released, to qualify for these tickets you will need register for the Theme Camp directed ticket sales.

The first round of registration for directed ticket sales ends February 4th, and the second ends March 4th. If you register after the specified dates your only opportunity for tickets will come from the main ticket lottery. Its highly suggested that you sign up for the lottery in any situation.

A registered theme camp will also get placement in a designated area to fit your camp, where you can set up your tents, structures, art etc. In addition to this you can also get early access for camp infrastructure setup.

If you have any sort of amplified sound in your camp you will also have to follow the Hyperborea Sound policy.

But wait… what is a themecamp?

A themecamp is the gathering of Hyperboreans who not only camp together, but bring something to the experience of Hyperborea, you can call this your gift to the event.

A gift can be anything from Dance Floor, an art car, workshops, a costume booth, yoga sessions, plounge, you name it! Theme camps often (but not always) coordinate and decorate their camp around a theme, you would be surprised at how all-out some camps will go.

December Recap – Effigy, Temple and Volunteers!

2018 is drawing to a close and we are hard at work preparing for Hyperborea: Crossroads.
We are looking for intrepid adventurers to submit their visions and plans for this year’s Temple and Effigy, as well as fill out some of the needed leadership positions on our volunteer teams. Keep reading for more information, and please consider sharing this so every Hyperborean has a chance to take part.
Effigy & Temple
Do you dream in plywood and power tools? We want your ideas and skills to help make this year’s Effigy and Temple a reality.
If this sounds like your kind of project, let us know you’re interested by filling out the Temple Application Form. A $1,500 Grant is available for this project, and we’ll be accepting submissions until January 18th, 2019. The Temple submission form can be found here.
A second $1,500 grant is available for building the celebratory centerpiece of Hyperborea – our Effigy. Applications will be accepted until January 4th, 2019. The Effiy submission form can be found here.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to art@tohyperborea.ca or check out the Arts Grants section of our website.
We are still looking for individuals to help fill our core volunteer positions for Hyperborea. This event is made possible only by the efforts of people like you, and it directly proportional to the success (and potential size) of this gathering.
The most recent callout for core volunteers can be found here.
And you can show your interest by filling out our Hyperborean Leadership Interest Form.
Stay toasty, friends!
~ The Hyperborean
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2019 Temple Applications Open!

Hello Hyperboreans!

The companion to the effigy, the Temple is the spiritual soul of Hyperborea. We are wholeheartedly excited to announce Temple Applications are now open, and will be accepting submissions until January 18th, 2019.

To many, the Temple is a place of catharsis, where weary wanderers can gather to reflect, celebrate, and pay tribute to aspects of their lives past. Here, we hope to find forgiveness, closure, and resolution; a stepping stone to a new path in our earthly adventure.

Last year, we welcomed  “Temple of Release” by the Site 3 Collective.

Along with the opportunity to create a refuge in which many may find peace, we are happy to announce that a grant of $1,500 is available for this project. Details can be found in the Temple Application form.

Temple Application Form:

If you have any questions, please contact art@hyperborea.ca.

~ The Hyperborean

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Les applications du Temple 2019 sont ouvertes!

Bonjour les Hyperboréens!

Compagnon de l’effigie, le Temple est l’âme spirituelle d’Hyperborea. Nous sommes tout à fait ravis d’annoncer que les candidatures au Temple sont maintenant ouvertes et nous accepterons les candidatures jusqu’au 18 janvier 2019.

Pour beaucoup, le Temple est un lieu de catharsis où les voyageurs épuisés peuvent se rassembler pour réfléchir, célébrer et rendre hommage à des aspects de leur vie passée. Ici, nous espérons trouver le pardon, la clôture et la résolution; un tremplin vers un nouveau chemin dans notre aventure terrestre.

L’année dernière, nous avons accueilli « Temple of Release » par le collectif Site 3 Collective.

En plus de la possibilité de créer un refuge dans lequel beaucoup pourraient trouver la paix, nous sommes heureux d’annoncer qu’une subvention de 1 500 dollars est disponible pour ce projet. Les détails peuvent être trouvés dans le formulaire d’application du Temple.

Formulaire de demande du Temple:

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter : art@hyperborea.ca.

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“Temple of Release” by the Site 3 Collective. Image taken by Laura Dittmann

2019 Effigy Applications Open!


Effigy Applications for Hyperborea: Crossroads are now open, and will be accepting submissions until January 4th 2019.

The Effigy is the hearthstone of Hyperborea. A symbol of unity, an act of protest, the life of the party. A birthplace, ritual, celebration, heart. It is what you envision it to be, and is shared by all.

We are also excited to announce that the Effigy grant has been increased to $1,500. All of the details about the application process can be found in the Effigy Application form, as well as the Art Grants section of our website: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/departments/art/art-grants-program/

Effigy Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/L8Wu0iDgWRCsYZDT2

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to art@tohyperborea.ca

Details around temple and general art grants will be made available once finalised.

~ The Hyperborean

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