Hyperborea is excited to offer our first Low Income Ticket (LIT) program for 2020! We believe it is important to make Hyperborea accessible to a wide range of income levels to include all folks in our community. So we are offering reduced price tickets for up to 50 attendees.

If you require financial assistance, you can submit a LIT application and we may be able to help cover up to 50% of a full price ticket. If you want to learn more about the ‘general’ ticketing process, and its specifics make sure to check out our ticketing page.

Application Process

Below is what the LIT program application will entail:

  1. You register for a ticket in the main ticketing system when ticket registration opens on January 15th.
  2. In addition to registering in the main ticketing system, you fill out and submit the LIT application form.
  3. We will review your submission and may contact you within two weeks if we need more information from you.
  4. We will notify all applicants by the deadlines below (or earlier if you’ve listed a hard deadline).  
  5. If you expect to receive a directed ticket, please fill out a LIT application as soon as possible so we can expedite the LIT selection process before the directed ticket sale begins.
  6. If you have received a directed ticket offer, but have not heard back about your LIT application status, please reach out to getLIT@tohyperborea.ca to extend your direct sale registration period. If you are awarded a LIT, you will then be able to purchase your directed sale ticket at the discounted price.  
  7. After the first round of LIT applications close, we will open a second round of applications on an ongoing basis until all funds have been awarded.

Please reach out to getLIT@tohyperborea.ca if you have any questions about the process.

Important Dates

January 15 – Low Income Ticket Application Opens

January 15 – Ticket Registration Opens

January 31 – LIT Round 1 closes

February 1 – LIT Round 2 applications accepted on an ongoing basis until all funds have been awarded

February 5 – Directed Ticket Sale Begins

February 19 – General Ticket Sales Open

The Nitty-gritty

  • Applications are confidential. We respect your privacy and the LIT committee will not share any information you provide in your application.
  • The application process is anonymized to remove any bias.
  • After the first round of LIT submissions, applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until all funds have been awarded.
  • We operate on an honour system. We have allocated funds for a limited number of discount tickets and we offer the discount tickets on a purely needs-basis. We would like to extend an opportunity to participants who cannot otherwise afford our full price ticket.
  • Low Income Tickets are non-transferable and available by application only. Let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the event so we may award the discount ticket to another applicant. You are guaranteed a full refund by May 1.
  • Remember you must register on the main ticketing system as well as submit the LIT application form to be eligible for a LIT spot.  

If you would like to directly donate to the LIT pool to help reduce the cost of tickets further, please e-mail us at getLIT@tohyperborea.ca to support getting LIT for Hyperborea.