The dedicated Sanctuary Volunteers are sherpas and companions for those participants that, for one reason or another, are having a difficult experience at the Festival. They support a chill, calming space that is located out of the way, and has cots, pillows, fluffy blankets… (and buckets). Stress, the environment, relationships, or AOS can be too much for a participant at a given time, and they may seek help in the form of time off from the noise. Sanctuary is the place to go for that.

Sanctuary volunteers connect with people at a deeper level, have wonderful conversations, act as a source of support and a beacon of patience.  If you have a non-judgemental, accepting, and loving attitude, and are willing to be entirely sober for the length of your shift, then you are an awesome match for this team!

All Sanctuary volunteers will have attended a comprehensive training on the art of Active Listening (with plenty of practice!), a special Consent module to make sure they will be mindful of everyone’s boundaries at all times, a starter course in Mindfulness (to assist someone that is in a loop and needs help grounding), and some basic skills taken from the Rangers Manual, facilitated by mental health professionals. An expert will also provide an overview about common psychoactive substances based on practical knowledge and experience. There will be handouts to study beforehand.

Sanctuary Volunteers will have 4 or 6-hours sober shifts, and are guaranteed a peaceful environment away from the drama and excitement.

If you have any other questions please email