First Aid is made up of participants certified in first aid and CPR who volunteer a portion of their time at Safety HQ. In case of a medical emergency, they are there to call 911 and provide immediate assistance to the injured person until professional help arrives.

First Aid members are not licensed medical professionals and are not expected to treat any medical conditions, administer medication, or give medical advice. We always work in pairs, sober, and equipped with a radio which allows us to call for resources and support if needed.

If you are interested in joining the First Aid team please email  

If you require certification for Emergency First Aid, please reach out as we can organize a certification session.

Don’t forget – in case of minor injury, YOU are responsible for your own basic first aid. This includes determining whether or not you can stay or need to seek care offsite. But if beavers steal your band-aids, we’ve got your back.

Once you’ve got your ticket, you can sign up for shifts using the Volunteer Signup System!