The Department of Public Works members are the stewards of the event grounds. Dedicated to working hard and playing hard, the DPW prides itself on getting the job done no matter what.

Our duties include transporting infrastructure to and from storage, setting up and tearing down infrastructure, signage, lighting, barriers, boundaries, organization, participant and theme camp support, effigy crew support, LNT, and many other tasks that help keep the event running smoothly. We’re looking for hard workers of various skill sets. Whether you’re a master carpenter or an amateur, we can use you. Do you like to cook? Paint? Work with power tools? Get your hands dirty? DPW is the place to be.

DPW  are the first on site and the last to leave. With the major focus being on set-up and tear down, we are required to work pre and/or post event. During the event, DPW assists with organizational support such as traffic control, deliveries, refuelling generators, repairing structures, and general support to participants and theme camps (upon request). Motivation, quick thinking, and good problem-solving skills are a must, as many situations arise without warning. Want to get a first-hand experience on how much hard work goes into Hyperborea? Interested in the intricate details of on-site event production? DPW wants YOU!

Once you’ve got your ticket, you can sign up for shifts using the Volunteer Signup System! As well you can reach the DPW team via email at