Hyperborea Art Grants are intended to subsidize build materials for projects appearing at Hyperborea. They do not fund labour, manufacturing equipment, or transportation.

Fundable items include:

  • Construction materials (wood, hardware, paint, metal, etc.)

  • Electronic components (LED strips, transistors, control boards, Arduino, etc.)

  • Fuel for generators or fire arts

The following items are not applicable for funding:

  • Food or alcohol

  • Time or labour (this is a gift to the community in the spirit of participation)

  • Personal transportation (however transportation support exists for project materials)

  • Production/manufacturing equipment (tools, projectors, tablets, software, etc.)

  • Sound system equipment

  • Personal gear (tents, sleeping gear, theme camp decoration, burn barrels, etc.)

  • Entirely pre-fabricated products (domes, carports, etc.)

  • Dance, music, or performance (unless you’re applying for a Micro Grant with material investment)

Assessment Criteria

Your application will be anonymously reviewed, including but not limited to the following criteria:

Art Grant Committee members, Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team members, and Hyperborea event leads are permitted to apply for a Hyperborea Art Grant as long as they submit their applications anonymously, do not publicly discuss their application, and abstain from commenting or voting on any personal project.