Art at Hyperborea is one of the keystones of the event, and it is our mission to enable artists to bring their creations to the land beyond the Northern Winds.

The Art Grant Program is intended to support and promote projects that foster the participatory spirit at the core of the event. We provide funding for radically expressive, community-based, interactive, experimental, and cross-disciplinary projects that help define the creative atmosphere we strive to curate.

Below you will find information to apply for our Effigy, Temple and General Art Grants. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

2020 Art Grants

If you decided to apply for any of our Art Grants, please read our Art Grant Policies page.

Projects that received funding in previous years can be seen in the Previous Art Grants section.

General Art Grants

Hyperborea provides three tiers of funding and support for General Art Grants, these are separate from the Effigy and Temple Grants listed above. The General Art Grant tiers are for: Creators Grants, Legacy Grants, and Micro Grants.
Art Grant Application Form