Volunteer Opportunities

Check the following list for volunteer positions we are currently looking to fill.
You can signup for the various shifts by using the volunteer signup system associated with your ticket purchase.  If you have any  questions please reach out to  volunteer@tohyperborea.ca

You can also find out more about all our Volunteer Teams on the departments page.

Leave No Trace
What’s involved:
Leave No Trace! While LNT is one of the Ten Principles, and the responsibility of all attendees,  we also understand that MOOP happens. To ensure that Hyperborea will continue to be hosted on the beautiful site we have for years to come, we need your help! Sign up for the LNT crew and enjoy the privilege of spending a bit more time in the wilderness with us, and the satisfaction of leaving the land in pristine and moopless condition.

Shifts begin Monday morning as the event wraps up, Volunteer positions include: MOOP patrol (scouring the ground in grid formation); MOOP map creation (assist with documenting the MOOP left behind by each camp area); Target crew (focusing on big messes that need to be dealt with, such as effigy ashes); and General help (do whatever needs to be done)

Sound Team
What’s involved:
Do you have a passion for music and sound, and want to ensure that we can keep music playing all night and all day long? Join the sound team as we check in with the various sound stages and monitor decibel readers to make sure we’re keeping our social capital with the landowners, the town, and the local residents.

What’s involved:
The dedicated Sanctuary Volunteers are guides and companions for those participants that for one or another reason are having a difficult experience at the Festival. They support the chill, calming space that is located out of the way, and has cots, pillows, fluffy blankets… and buckets 🙂 Stress, the environment, relationships, or AOS can be too much for a participant at a given time, and they may seek help, and a time off from the noise. Sanctuary is the place to go for that.

If you are interested in connecting with people at a deeper level, have crazy conversations, be a source of support, and a beacon of patience, and balance, you can be completely sober for a shift, and have a non-judgemental, accepting, and loving attitude, then you are an awesome match for this team!

You will have attended a comprehensive training on the art of Active Listening (with plenty of practice!), a special Consent module to make sure they will be mindful of everyone´s boundaries at all times, a starter course in Mindfulness to assist someone that is in a loop, and needs help grounding, and some basic skills taken from the Rangers Manual, facilitated by mental health professionals. An idoneous person will also provide an overview about common psychoactive substances, based on practical knowledge.

Sanctuary Volunteers will have 4 or 6-hours sober shifts, and are guaranteed a peaceful environment, away from the drama, and excitement.

There will be a training in May near Barrie, and another one on site at the event, on Friday morning.

FAST On-Call
Requires: Fire Core Training Qualification
What’s involved:
Be reachable by radio and sober for the twelve hour shift (note: that doesn’t mean you have to be awake.) You’ll be the primary contact person for FAST and also responsible for inspecting flame effects that set up during your shift. If you don’t feel up to doing inspections the FAST leads will also be available most of the time. This position requires fire safety training – e.g. a flame effects workshop, propane ROT, or other training or relevant experience (contact fast@tohyperborea.ca to have the qualification added to your account).

FASTPerimeter Volunteer
What’s involved:
These shifts happen during the Effigy and Temple burns. Your role is to hold the burn perimeter and watch for people crossing the line during setup and the burn itself, until the perimeter lead decides it’s safe to drop the perimeter. This is not an opportunity to get the best view of the burn. You’ll be just inside the perimeter facing out, kneeling for a few hours.

The shift starts about half an hour before the burn at which time there will be a pre-burn meeting to go over roles and responsibilities.

What’s involved:
Volunteer at the artery and help our artists and theme camps to successfully register, set-up, and coordinate their projects. The artery has a crucial role in managing all the art that enters and exits the land and is the go to spot for information on our grant projects, art tours, and information on how to get involved. Artery volunteers will be quick thinkers with big smiles, and mild organizational skills.

First Aid
Requires first aid certificate
What’s involved:
The only thing better than a Burner event is one where everyone gets out intact.  Feel like a superhero with a gauze & band-aid!! We invite you to join our Exciting  Hyperborea First Aid Team in keeping everyone safe and secure at our upcoming event . First aid training is available for interested parties leading up to event.

ALL Rangers MUST take a Ranger Training course before the event.   The 2017 Ranger training in Toronto is FULL – however if you are already a trained/experienced Ranger – please contact rangers@tohyperborea.ca

What’s involved:
Rangers keep an eye out on safety, guide the lost, and help where they can. Anyone with decent people skills can become an excellent Ranger. We are neither a security force nor enforcers. Being a Ranger is a commitment to aid and facilitate the community, and it is a very enjoyable one. You don’t need to withdraw from the event; on the contrary, you are encouraged to participate actively, just with added responsibility for a time, and a radio. You need to have a straight head and be willing to listen to people. You can, and should, watch, enjoy, and involve yourself in goings on. You are the eyes and ears of the event and you help to hold it all together. You may head off a problem before it gets serious. Communication is a powerful tool.  Rangers from other Burn-type events are especially welcome.

What’s involved:
Join our Greeters team and help welcome our citizens to our event! The Greeters provide a fun-filled experience as well as provide information to create an accepting environment for our participants to begin their time here. Come and play with us!

What’s involved:
Assists participants with getting their vehicles, their gear, and themselves to where they need to be at the event. We strive to maintain a quick, clean and organized flow of traffic in and out of the event. All cars are parked in the parking lot. Vehicle placement is at the discretion of our parking team with priority going to organization over personal access.

What’s Involved:
Radio volunteers are responsible for the management and maintenance of radios at HQ. Volunteers will check radios in and out during shift changes, ensure that batteries remain charged, and generally make themselves useful around HQ.

What’s Involved:
Be a GATE KEEPER! As first contact to participants entering the event, you will collect and process tickets, verify I.D.s, attach wristbands and be warmly inquisitive.

If you love to meet new people and help create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, this task is for you.

What’s involved:
Works in coordination with Parking and Gate to assist participants with getting their vehicles, their gear, and themselves safely out of the event post Effigy Burn, Post Temple Burn and event closing on Monday. We strive to maintain a quick, clean and organized flow of traffic out of the campgrounds. Vehicle placement out from the Exodus station is coordinated with Parking and Gate to manage traffic flow.