Ticketing FAQ


First off, while the word lottery is accurate, it is also loaded. We’ve increased the number of tickets available for Hyperborea by 50% from 2017 (and by all accounts last year there were enough tickets for the people who wanted to participate). If the number of people who have registered by March 14th are less than the number of tickets we have to offer, everyone will be offered the chance to buy a ticket then and there.

I registered last year – do I need to register again this year?
Yes, you must register for a ticket every year.

Can I register with my nickname, burner name, or other alternate name?
You must register with the name on your legal ID, which will be used to confirm your ticket at the gate.  If the name you supplied to register does not match your ID, you will not be allowed to enter.

I would like to attend Hyperborea with someone else, can we register together?
If there are other people that you absolutely do not want to participate in Hyperborea without, you can register as a group in our ticketing system. As a note, this will not change the chances of you getting a ticket, merely ensure that you all get a ticket, or none of you get a ticket.

I tried to log into my ticketing account but my password is so complicated.  Is there any way to reset it to a password I can remember?
Unfortunately, our ticketing system does not allow for personalized passwords.  Please save your assigned password in a safe place.  If you can not remember, please use the “forgot my password” feature in the ticketing system to get a token for a new password.

Can I use my email address for more than one registration?
No, you may not register for more than one ticket with the same email address.  The humans of the Ticketing team closely monitor registration throughout the process.  Anyone found attempting to game the system by registering multiple emails risks losing their ability to purchase any tickets.

Do children 13 and up need to register for the drawing?
Yes – minors ages 13 years old and up when Hyperborea takes place must have a paid ticket.

Children 12 and under do not register in the main ticketing system.  They are registered through a Google form and that registration starts after the main General Ticket Sale happens. Stand by for more details.

*** There are no minors allowed for Hyperborea 2018, due to permitting restrictions, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause***

How and when will the registration for children 12 and under happen?

You will need to provide their name and the registration ID of their accompanying adult guardian  after the General ticket sales.  Parents should not register their children until they have purchased their own ticket.

*** There are no minors allowed for Hyperborea 2018, due to permitting restrictions, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause***

Can I put multiple entries in the ticketing system from different emails (for the same person)?

Absolutely not.  Do not do this. Humans are auditing registrations – anyone found gaming the ticketing system risks their ability to purchase any tickets.


I volunteered last year but I have not gotten my volunteer email. Who do I talk to about getting this straightened out?

Volunteer ticket offers will be sent out from March 2-11.

Please use this form to contact us. Only inquiries submitted through this form will be responded to.

As a reminder, 8+ hours of recorded volunteerism in 2017 qualifies you for access to a full-price ticket for 2018

I received my volunteer appreciation ticket offer but I can not come to the 2018 event.  Can I use my code for next year instead?

We are so sorry you won’t be able to attend this year’s Hyperborea.  Unfortunately, it is not possible for volunteer codes to be rolled to next year.  The volunteer appreciation codes are strictly from the prior year’s work for the current year.


If I am offered tickets in the drawing, will I get an email?

Yes, you will receive an email notifying you that you have the ability to purchase ticket and your deadline for making that purchase.

I just made my purchase but I don’t see a place to print my tickets? Where do I get my printed ticket?

You do not get a printed ticket.  The Gate will be 100% will call. This is why it is vital that you register with details requested as appears on your government-issued photo ID as instructed on the registration page.

I missed my deadline to purchase my ticket.  Is there anything that you can do to reset it?

Unfortunately no. The deadlines for purchase are automated through the ticketing system.  If you missed your opportunity, your ticket was passed to the next person on the waiting list.

What does and does not qualify as a “government-issued, photo ID”?

A government-issued photo ID is one issued by the state or country that you reside that contains a photo of you as well as your date of birth. Some things that qualify include: driver’s licenses, state ID’s, passports, and some military ID. The GATE does not accept student ID’s, dental cards, library cards and the like.


Can I buy a ticket at the gate when I arrive?

No. There are absolutely no ticket sales at the at the Gate. You will be turned away.

I register and receive an offer from the drawing. But before I buy my tickets I decide I don’t want to go. Can I use my offer to purchase a ticket for a friend?

No. When a ticket offer is made from our system only the person who received the offer can purchase a ticket. If you decide you don’t want to go before you buy a ticket you and get an offer just hit  “reject” and turn down the offer.  That ticket will go to the next person on the waiting list.