Sound Policy

Excessive sound is the most common problem for events such as ours, attracting unwanted attention of the property owner, neighbours, and law enforcement. We are strong supporters of Civic Responsibility, and want to be good temporary residents of the community we are visiting.
All camps with amplified sound 100 watts or larger must register with the event during theme camp registration. On arrival at the event, please find the Sound Lead (reachable via radio by Ranger or other event volunteers), who will give you more information relating to your specific camp placement.

All subwoofers must be turned off between the hours of 2am and 10am. All other sound equipment must be kept below 90dB at 40 feet.

All sound systems will be issued a permit. We will have volunteers with a dB meter responding to complaints; infractions of this policy will be marked on the sound system’s permit. Infractions may result in temporary shutdown of a sound system, and multiple infractions will result in a sound system being permanently turned off for the remainder of the event.

Amplified sound is not permitted before the event starts or after the event ends. Other events have found SPLnFFT for iOS to be extremely accurate. We highly recommend you use this app to manage your own sound to keep infractions minimized.

These rules are subject to change depending on site conditions. Please ask the Sound Team if you have any questions!

Photography by paintednegative