Code of Conduct


CONSENT IS MANDATORY. Consent is permission. Get consent first when: taking photos of someone, touching them, engaging in sexual escapades. Radical self-expression can take many forms – including nudity – but it is not an invitation to anyone to invade someone’s personal space or make physical advances. People may be unable to give consent due to being intoxicated, in an altered state, or even asleep. Past interactions do not always imply future consent either.  Consent may be withdrawn at any time for whatever reason and you have an obligation to honor their change of heart. Respect people’s bodies and personal space, we all want to have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience. Accept a no gracefully, coercion is a crime and thanking someone for expressing their boundaries helps make a better community for all. Remember, only YES means yes!


Hyperborea is a clothing-optional event, although given the bugs and the unpredictable Ontario weather in May, it’s probably going to be much less common than at Burning Man.

**this conduct guide is a work in progress and will be updated as necessary