The Event

What to expect at Hyperborea

Hyperborea is a camping, arts and cultural event in the Canadian Shield where like-minded people come together to radically express ourselves, share our art and become our best selves.

The organizers of Hyperborea do not curate music or activities. We book the field, rent porta-potties, coordinate logistics and volunteers, approve theme camps and art projects. All of the music and other activities are provided by participants. The art, dance, costumes and culture that makeup Hyperborea are determined and created by the community itself, and make this event unlike any other.

We strive to be radically inclusive. All are welcome, whether you’ve been to Burning Man ten times, or have no idea what it is–  you’re welcome in our community.

We support radical self-reliance and leave no trace, there are no facilities on-site. Come prepared! Bring your own food, water, shelter and supplies for the weekend. However, If you bring something in, make sure you have space to bring it out with you.

This event is run in accordance with the 10 Principles of Burning Man – with a Canadian flare, that makes this a gathering unique.

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What’s in a name?

Hyperborea comes from Greek mythology. It is the city of plenty beyond the northern winds. This is where we explore the invention of new things, the discovery of new worlds, and journey into the great unknown.

This Year’s Theme: Crossroads

Crossroads have always been a significant piece of folklore and mythology. They represent a point of crossing over, the junctions of possibility, a place where communities spring up.

Photography by paintednegative