Art Grant Program

Our Art Grant Program intends to support and promote projects that foster the participatory spirit at the core of the event. We provide funding for radically expressive, community-based, interactive, experimental, and cross-disciplinary projects that help define the creative atmosphere we strive to curate.

To stay up to date with any developments regarding the Art projects and processes for 2019, please check back here as it will be updated as information is made available.

The Art Grant review committee is currently taking on new committee members. To get involved please email

Art Grants 2019

Effigy Grants

The Effigy: A symbol of unity. An act of protest. The life of the party. A birthplace. Ritual. Celebration. Heart.

Applications for the Hyperborea 2019 Effigy are open until Friday, January 4th. Our 2019 Effigy grant offering has increased to $1500.

All the details you need to know can be found on the Application form.

Effigy Application Form:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to

Temple Grants

More information for the 2019 temple grant coming soon…

Applications open December 7 2018, and close Jan 18th 2019.

The Temple: Catharsis. Introspection. Remembrance. The Temple is a container for sacred and ritualized connection and transformation. Participants are encouraged to write their story on the walls of the temple and leave mementos of anything they wish to leave behind.

For more background on the temple:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to

General Art Grants

More information for the 2019 general art grants coming soon…

Applications open Jan 26, 2019 and close Feb 21, 2019.

General Art Grant Applications

Basic grants for art coming to Hyperborea will be available at the following tiers. Large projects will feature a heavier focus on interactivity and participatory experience.
Large Grant – TBD
Small Grant – TBD

Refurb Grants are available for improvements or additions to pre-existing projects.
Refurb Grant – TBD

Micro Grants are available with the sole purpose of creating whimsy. There are no limits on the content of a micro grant project. Do whatever you want! Costumes, Cacophony-society esque happenings, Performances, Playa gifts, anything goes just make it unique and playful!
Micro Grant – TBD



Your application will be anonymously reviewed including but not limited to the following criteria:
1. Creativity – how original, interesting, relevant, daring, magical, thought provoking is your idea?
2. Constructability – what is the feasibility of your project? will you be able to build it within the timeline and budget?
3. Completeness – how well thought out is your project? how complete is your materials list, safety plan, moop plan?
4. Interactivity – for our second year, we are prioritizing projects that have the ability to engage two or more senses at a time!

Should you be selected, you will receive 75% of your grant upon award, and the other 25% upon completion of the project. Micro Grants will receive 100% of your grant upon award.

An itemized budget, schedule, and drawings/renderings are mandatory for the consideration of your project. Please remember to send your supporting documents to by the deadline and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Most questions can be answered by reading through our FAQ and Policies. If your question is not answered there, please let us know!

Things to remember: