Newbie Night!

Interested in Hyperborea? Have no idea how to prepare for the Canadian wilderness? Or perhaps you went last year and know everything there is to know?

Come on out for the Hyperborean Newbie Night and share in all the knowledge, and a few drinks with friends.

We’ll be downstairs at the Firkin on King, starting at 7pm sharp with a presentation that covers a lot of the things you need to ask yourself, then we’ll have open knowledge-sharing question time.

If there’s a subject you’re passionate about and would like to say something about it as part of the presentation, please let Dom Scott or Shane Baelish know and we can make it happen!

We will also be drawing the winner of our Hyperborea raffle at the Newbie Night. Prizes are either a golden ticket to Hyperborea or a huge (2′ x 5′) print!

You don’t have to be there to win and you can buy your ticket in advance or in person at the event

Hyperborea Golden Ticket
Hyperborea Golden Ticket print print

Event Date and Ticket Details

Hail Hyperboreans!
We are excited to announce the date for 2018, and the process for getting your hands on some tickets.
Hyperborea: Azimuth will be taking place May 17th-21st (an extra day!!) at the lovely Freedom Fields located near the township of Tamworth, Ontario.
For 2018, tickets are going to cost an even $100.
2017 was an amazing year which saw Hyperborea sell to capacity, to ensure equal chances for tickets in 2018 there is a registration and lottery system in place.
You will be able to register for tickets from March 1st-14th, link to this will be posted to the website, FB group page, and mailing list on March 1st. On March 15th, a lottery will be run and those selected receive invitations to purchase a ticket.
Also because Volunteers are awesome, if you volunteered 8+ hours at Hyperborea last year and are in good standing, you get the opportunity to partake in the Volunteer Directed sale. This runs March 2nd till the 11th, available via an emailed invitation. If you do not receive the invitation and believe you qualify for the Volunteer Directed Sale, there will be a form that you can fill out to inquire about it.
If you have any questions we suggest you check out our Ticketing FAQ:
~ The Hyperborean
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Art & Temple Grants

Hail Hyperboreans!

Art Grant submissions are now open! If you have a revolutionary artistic vision, captivating experience, or playful idea for Hyperborea, we want to empower its creation.

The deadline for ALL of these submissions has been extended to 11:59 pm March 11th!  

General Art Grants
We are excited to offer the following four grant options to help realize your artistic visions: Small and Large Art Grants, Refurb Grants and Micro Grants.

The Small and Large Art Grants are for new art projects being made for Hyperborea. In particular, Large Art Grants are for projects with a focus on interactivity and involved experiences.

Refurb Grants are available for improvements or additions to pre-existing projects.

Last but not-even-a-little-bit least, Micro Grants are available with the sole purpose of creating whimsy. Do whatever you want! Costumes, performances, anything goes – just make it unique and playful!

General Art Grant application:


Temple Grant
As the Effigy “Le soleil de minuit” is the heart of Hyperborea, the Temple is its counterpoint and companion. Catharsis, Introspection, Remembrance – our Temple is a structure for ritualized connection and transformation.

We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Temple Grant offering has increased to $1000, and are eagerly anticipating the designs made possible with this additional funding. Let’s build upon our history and make this year’s Temple something special.

Temple Grant application:


The Art Department is responsible for the Art Grant Programs, the Artery and associated logistical conundrums. If you have any questions feel free to reach them at

~ The Hyperborean

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Leads Callout

Hello Hyperboreans!

We’re still looking to fill a few key roles for our Leadership Team for Hyperborea 2018 and would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved:

    Volunteer Coordinator
    LNT Leads
    Exodus Leads
    HQ Leads
    Web Development: Tech & Design

We’re also looking for numerous Co-Leads and Shadows in other departments too. If you’re interested in getting involved through any of these roles, please fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email


EVENT Leads: Jesse & Seth
ART Department Lead: Rehanna
    Art Grant Lead: Rehanna
    Artery Lead: Jody
    Logistics Coordinator: Kris
COMMS Department Leads: Shane & Sam
    The Hyperborean: Dom & Keight
    Survival Guide & WWW Lead: Tamara
    Newsletter Lead: Wulfie
City Department Lead: Sarah
    DPW Leads: Sarah & Wulfie
    LNT Lead: TBD
    Placement & Theme Camp Leads: Alex & Antonio
    Sound Lead: Caspar
    Sound Enforcement Lead: Wilson
    Logistics Coordinator: William
FLOW Department Lead: Shuna
    Gate Lead: Troy
    Greeter Lead: Vikki
    Exodus Lead: TBD
    Parking Lead: Paul & Wayne
SAFETY Department Lead: Seth 
    HQ Lead: TBD
    Ranger Leads: Lindsay & Paula
    First Aid Lead: Lisa
    Fire Safety Lead: Trevyn & Trish
    Radio Lead: Alex & Michael
    Sanctuary Lead: Maria & Tarver
TECH Department Lead: Tim
    Web Design: TBD
    Web Dev: TBD


If you’re interested in getting involved in Hyperborea on any of these teams,

fill out our Leadership Interest Form or email

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Theme & Effigy Announcement

Hail Hyperboreans!

We are excited to announce the theme and effigy for this years journey to the land of Hyperborea, land beyond the North wind.

By way of Montreal (land north even to us), the “Les mains dans le feu” (hands in the fire) collective brings us our effigy “Le soleil de minuit” (The Midnight Sun). In this light, Hyperborea’s 2018 theme will be ‘Azimuth’.

Azimuth is the angle that travelers use to align themselves with the true north. For us Hyperboreans, the Azimuth represents our compass. It guides us when we are lost; it orients us when we cannot see the path. It is the tangent we follow as we journey across horizons, beneath arcs sketched by morning stars across the northern sky – until finally, we arrive home, are welcomed, and can congregate together under the glow of our midnight sun.

~ The Hyperborean

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