Hyperborea 2019 announcements!

Hello Hyperboreans!

We are diligently laying the groundwork for 2019, and we are excited for you to join us on this journey back to the lands of Hyperborea.

Keep an eye on our website, emails and social media for upcoming Hyperborea 2019 announcements.

~The Hyperborean

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Land Scout Callout

Hello Hyperboreans!

The land of Hyperborea is a mystical place, full of wonder, and occasionally moves around.

We are looking for some brave adventurers to aid us in locating land for the 2019 Hyperborea and those that follow.

If you have reliable access to a trustworthy vehicle, and are able to ferry out other Hyperboreans for land scouting, or have leads for potential Hyperborea land please send us an email at land@tohyperborea.ca

~The Hyperborean

Hyperborea 2018 MOOP Map

Hyperborea: Azimuth has come and gone, its travelers returned to their homes to await another year.

The Burning Man principles are a big part of what make Hyperborea feel like home, and today we’re going to be talking about one in particular: Leave No Trace, the removal and reduction of all MOOP (Matter Out of Place). Anything that isn’t grass or dirt shouldn’t be left behind when we leave.

Overall, there was very little MOOP this year, so we would like to give a big thank you to all the incredible Hyperboreans that cleaned up after themselves throughout the event. We are proud to see the lands left in near pristine shape! We also want to give a very special thank you to the Leave No Trace crew that stayed to the bitter end picking up the last bits of MOOP.

The Haya is an actively used hay field, so particularly troubling items that can be left behind are things that could interfere with farm equipment (firewood, tent pegs, railroad spikes), or would be gross for the farmer to deal with. We also found a number of biodegradeable items, that may seem ok to leave (food waste, egg shells, sawdust) but they are still MOOP that needed to be tidied up.

If you have any particularly stubborn MOOP (such as Excalibur-like railway spikes), let other camps know you need help; you might be surprised at the help you get! If you ask real nice, DPW might even be able to help you out too…

We use the MOOP map to keep track of how well we did as a community, and to help guide our placement requests for next year (hint: camps with good MOOP get favourable placement next year).

With that said, we’d like to present the 2018 Hyperborean MOOP Map

Red Markers: Areas where the LNT team had to do additional work to collect MOOP return the land to pre-event conditions. MOOP can include almost anything: Cigarette butts, tinsel, wood, etc.

Last Chance for Tickets!

Hello Hyperboreans!

Last call for tickets! Ticket sales will be closing today (May 14th) at 11:59pm. You will need to register and purchase your ticket before that time, if you have not already.

There will be no tickets for sale at the gate. If you want to attend Hyperborea this is your last chance!

You can find the ticketing link and relevant information here: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/

~ The Hyperborean

Update On Many Things – April 28th

Hello Hyperboreans,

Here is a weekly recap of what’s going on with Hyperborea!

Hyperborea is made possible by amazing volunteers just like you! You help keep our regional burn safe and amazing, and as an added bonus, we’re recognizing all volunteers who log 8 or more hours this year with a guaranteed ticket offer for 2019. We have some positions with LNT, First Aid and Sanctuary that we need willing Hyperboreans to help fill. Contact volunteer@tohyperborea.ca to follow up on these opportunities.

Leave No Trace
Does seeing litter offend you? Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? Combine the two and help return Hyperborea’s land to its pre-event state. All LNTers are able to stay for an extra day on the land and camp out with a small crew on Monday night. Sharing the workload during the day and the fire in the evening makes this an excellent way to decompress before heading back home.

First Aid
Do you like taking physical care of your fellow participants? Not squeamish about ticks? If you are certified in First Aid/CPR or would like to be, this is the department for you! A first aid training course will be held on May 3 for those who need to get certified.

Do you like connecting with people at a deeper level? Are you are able to be a source of support, with a non-judgemental, accepting, and loving attitude? Well, good listener, you’re an awesome match for this team! Sanctuary training will be taking place May 12 from 10:30-5:30. If you are the person that friends seek out when they are having a bad experience, you are a natural for Sanctuary!

Ticket sales are moving at a great pace, and there are still some tickets up for grabs.

You can register and check your current ticket position at
https://tickets.tohyperborea.ca/. Also, if you have already missed your ticketing window, you are able to login and click ‘Put me back in the waitlist’ to place yourself back in the que.

What, Where, When!!!
The submission form for the What, Where, When guide is now up! Are you running an event or workshop? Fill out the form in the link below and we will publish it in our guide leading up to the event.


If you’re bringing an RV please contact placement@tohyperborea.ca to let them know the size of your vehicle.

We have a rideshare link! https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/mq5ou4

Want to meet fellow Hyperboreans? Enjoy a presentation and get your questions answered – come out to Hyperborean Newbie Night #2 on May 1st! https://www.facebook.com/events/1959434961053563

~ The Hyperborean

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What Where When submissions open

The long awaited What Where When form is now live!


Please fill out the information about your events including: who’s hosting, location, time and description. Even if your camp is hosting multiple events, unless it’s the exact same event repeating at another time – please fill out separate forms.


Need help/co-hosts for your event? Have an event that requires people to bring things they normally wouldn’t have on hand? Want to attract interest and awareness beforehand? Post in the Facebook Hyperborea event page. There are plenty of people that will jump on things.


You have until Friday, May 11th at 11:59pm to fill out the form.  A copy of the WWW will be emailed to ticket holders that weekend. After that, you can add/edit events on the Event Board at Hyperborea and imitate your best town crier to attract participants.


WWW Submission Form 2018

Some Ticketing Tips

Just a friendly Hyperborean reminder that Ticket offers are good for 3 days before they cycle back into the system for the next people on the waitlist, that means most current offers are good until 11:59pm tomorrow night (25th).

That means you should :

1) Be checking https://tickets.tohyperborea.ca/ daily to see where you are on the waitlist or register if you haven’t yet!
2) When your ticket offer comes up, don’t wait too long! 3 days can go by before you know it.
3) Be patient, the waitlist should be moving on a daily basis now, keep your eyes peeled.
4) If you are unable to go, please release your ticket offer so the waitlist moves quicker.
5) Check your “Promotions” and  junkmail for important emails. If you add ticketing@tohyperborea.ca to your contacts to ensure you get the emails notifying you of your ticket status.6) Once you get your ticket, sign up for volunteer shifts to help make Hyperborea a better place at https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/

If you have any concerns please reach out to ticketing@tohyperborea.ca

~The Hyperborean

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Ticketing Update 4-23-2018

Hello Hyperboreans,

The first batch of tickets cycled at the passing of midnight last night. The current round of ticket offers are valid until 11:59:59pm on April 25th. At this point, those who have received an offer but not bought their ticket will be cycled back to the end of the waitlist, and those who are next on the waitlist will get a chance.

Also in regards to our volunteer system, we ask that you please sign up for shifts online after you have confirmed that you are buying a ticket.

~The Hyperborean

Make sure to stay up to date with Hyperborea developments by:

Signing up for our mailing list – tohyperborea.ca/newsletter
Joining our FB group – facebook.com/groups/to.hyperborea
Checking out our Website – www.tohyperborea.ca