Ticketing Reminder!

Ticketing Update!
Just a friendly (and reoccurring) reminder of the following.
1. You should be checking your email daily (make sure to check that junk folder) for a ticket offer, or log in to your profile (https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/site/login). The offer window is currently 3 days and will be shrinking to 2 days on Monday, April 22nd!
2. If you are driving up, you will need a parking pass! They are $25 online and $50 at the gate. There is a good chance that these may sell out before the event. Look to carpool where able and get yours ahead of time.
3. If you have any minors attending with you, they also need to register via the main system. Even if they are 12 and under (and get a free ticket for being so young and brave) they still need to register.
~ The Hyperborean
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Checking out our Website – tohyperborea.ca

Population Increase and Tickets!

Hyperboreans, exciting news!

The population cap for Hyperborea: Crossroads will be increased from 600 to 800, as well as 50 additional parking passes. This lot of tickets will have a three-day offer window and be made available on Wednesday the 10th!

There will be more information regarding this ticket release on Monday the 8th, so check back then. We can’t wait to see (more) of you at Hyperborea!

Message from FAST on Fire!

[version française ci-dessous]

Hello Hyperboreans, we have some words to share with you from our brave and diligent Fire Arts and Safety Team (FAST)

Quick tips about fire at Hyperborea

Open Fire:
It’s likely to be cold at night. Fires are a great way to keep warm, but please follow these guidelines:

– Don’t light fires directly on the ground. If you want a fire you need to provide a platform or container of some kind such as a pad of dirt/gravel, barrel on legs or bricks, portable fireplace, metal sheet on bricks, etc.

– If you’re going to have a burn barrel, make sure there is no flammable stuff nearby – minimum 10ft

– Make sure to have a mesh top with holes no bigger than 0.5cm for burn barrels / elevated fireplace pits of any kind
Fires must be attended and monitored and have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher handy just in case.

– 10′ radius around the fire must be clear of brush and dry grass or anything flammable (This means not walking away after you’ve left your wet shoes leaning against a burn barrel)

– Pyrotechnics and fireworks are not allowed

– Fire will be put out of the above is not followed.

Keep fuel at least 10’ away
Store fuel in approved containers

Fire Art: 
Contact fast for more info if you plan to bring a piece of fire art at fast@tohyperborea.ca


Trucs et astuces sur le feu à Hyperborea

Le feu ouvert:
Il est fort probable qu’il fasse froid la nuit, et le feu est une bonne façon de rester au chaud. Cependant, il est important de suivre les règles suivantes:

– N’allumez pas de feu directement au sol. Si vous désirez allumer un feu, assurez-vous d’avoir une plateforme ou un contenant, tel qu’une piaule de terre ou de gravel, un baril sur pied ou sur brique, un foyer portatif, des tôles sur brique, etc. 
Si vous utilisez un baril de feu, assurez-vous qu’il n’y a pas des articles inflammables dans les environs (minimum 10 pieds).

– Assurez-vous d’avoir un couvercle en maille pour vos barils de feu ayant des trous de 0.5cm au maximum.

– Les feux doivent être surveillés et vous devez avoir un seau d’eau ou un extincteur de feu, au cas où.

– Vous devez enlever tout débris, gazon ou articles inflammable dans un radius de 10 pied. (Par exemple, ne laissez pas vos chaussures mouiller près des barils de feu).

– Les pyrotechnies et les feux d’artifice ne sont pas permis.

– Les feux seront éteints si les règles ci-dessous ne sont pas respectées.

Les génératrices:
Les carburants doivent rester au moins à 10 pieds des générateurs
Entreposer les carburants dans des contenants approuvés et prévus à cet effet.

Les arts de feu
Contactez SAFE pour plus d’information si vous planifiez apporter des pièces d’art de feu à fast@tohyperborea.ca

Safety Training 2019

Safety Training

Want to volunteer in the safety department? Most of our shifts require a record of training before you can sign up.

Pre-Event: Saturday April 27, 2-4pm in Toronto
On-Site: Friday May 17, 12-2pm at Hyperborea

Black Rock Ranger training also accepted.

Dates TBD, a CPR C certification from elsewhere works. More details on CPR A coming soon.

Sunday April 7, 2-6pm in Toronto, remote TBD

None currently scheduled; any flame effects class or Propane ROT may be accepted.

On-Site: Thursday May 16 time TBD at Hyperborea

Volunteer signup requires training to be completed, not just scheduled. Don’t panic! Team leads will be coordinating shift assignments after training.

More info and contact emails can be found here: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/departments/safety-department/

And one more thing we’ve been working on…


New this year, the Hyperborea Safety Department is holding a training conference for volunteers interested in expanding their knowledge of safety operations. Much like how Burning Flipside has Safetyside and Firefly has SFTY3rd, our event will focus on investing in our Hyperborean community by providing additional training and education to safety team volunteers. It will probably have a better name at some point, too. As our new event will be small and attendance limited, attendees are expected to volunteer with a Hyperborea safety team this year.

This is a training event, not an additional party weekend. Some of the things we’ll be doing are:

* Getting to know the teams and the people on them

* ICS (Incident Command System) introduction and practical examples

* Radio hands-on training

* Department policy and procedure sessions, with a focus on cross-training and collaboration

* Discussion of safety-related concerns not specific to just Hyperborea, but to burns in general

Please note that this will not count as team-specific training (this year!).

Our training event will be held on May 3 – 5, near Apsley, ON. Friday night is social time, with the majority of sessions on Saturday and some additional sessions on Sunday. Participants can tent, RV, or stay in limited communal crash space (bring earplugs!) and are welcome for the weekend or just the full day of training on Saturday.

The attendance fee is $20 and includes food for the weekend. We’ll try to help coordinate rideshares or do pickup / dropoffs at the nearest bus station (in Havelock) if possible.

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/3obapKViEYevGEP23

Toutes les sessions de formation énumérées ci-dessous sont uniquement proposées en anglais pour le moment.

Vous voulez devenir bénévole avec notre département de sécurité? La plupart de nos quarts de bénévolats en sécurité nécessitent une formation avant de pouvoir s’inscrire.


Avant l’évènement: samedi 27 avril 14:00-16:00, Toronto
Durant l’évènement : vendredi 17 mai 12:00-14:00, Hyperborea

La formation de garde de Black Rock (Black Rock Ranger training) est aussi acceptée à Hyperborea

Les dates seront déterminées sous peu.
Nous acceptons les formations CPR C.
Nous aurons plus de détails sur la formation CPR A sous peu.


Dimanche 7 avril, 14:00-18:00 à Toronto. Il reste à déterminer si une session de formation en ligne sera offerte.


Aucune formation n’est prévue; nous ferons une évaluation de vos formations de feu ou en sécurité de propane (ROT) afin de déterminer si nous pouvons les accepter à Hyperborea  


Durant l’évènement: jeudi 16 mai à Hyperborea. L’heure sera déterminée sous peu

La formation doit être complété afin de s’inscrire comme bénévole dans les départements de sécurité. N’inquiétez-vous pas! Les chefs d’équipes coordonneront les quarts de bénévoles et les formations données.

Trouvez plus d’information ainsi que nos adresses courriel sur notre site web: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/departments/safety-department/

Et voici un petit quelque chose que nous aimerions vous partager…


En primeur cette année, le département de sécurité de Hyperborea vous offre une conférence de formation vous permettant d’approfondir vos connaissances sur les opérations de sécurité. Notre évènement, semblable à Safetyside de Burning Fipside et SFTY3rd de Firefly, nous permet d’investir dans la communauté de Hyperborea en offrant de la formation additionnelle sur la sécurité à tous nos bénévoles de l’équipe de sécurité. Pour cette première édition, il y aura un nombre de places limité et sera accessible qu’aux bénévoles de l’équipe de sécurité. Dans les années prochaines, nous espérons changer le nom de la conférence et d’offrir des places additionnelles.

Cet évènement est une formation et non une raison de faire la fête. Voici quelques sujets qui seront abordés lors de la conférence :

* Apprendre à connaitre l’équipe et les membres de l’équipe

* Le système de contrôle d’incidents (SCI): introduction et exemples d’utilisation

* Formation d’utilisation de radio

* Les politiques et procédures du département, formation interéquipe et collaboration

* Discussion des préoccupations sur la sécurité générale dans les burns

Notez bien que cette année, la conférence ne remplacera pas les formations obligatoires des équipes de sécurité.

La conférence de formation sera du 3 au 5 mai, tout près de Apsley, Ontario. Le vendredi sera la soirée de bienvenue, et la formation débutera le samedi et continuera en partie le dimanche, au besoin. Les participants pourront venir toute la fin de semaine, ou que pour le samedi (durant lequel le plus gros de la formation sera donné). Vous pouvez camper, apporter vos VR ou dormir dans notre espace commun (espaces limités, apporter vos bouches oreilles!)

Les frais de la formation de 20$ inclus les repas de la fin de semaine. Nous essayerons de faciliter la coordination du covoiturage, et nous évaluons la possibilité d’offrir un transport à partir de l’arrêt d’autobus le plus près (dans la ville de Havelock).

Inscrivez-vous ici: https://goo.gl/forms/3obapKViEYevGEP23

Ticket Lottery has Begun!

The ticket lottery opened last week, and you lovely Hyperboreans have either bought a ticket, have a ticket offer outstanding, or are part of the waiting list.

If you are unsure about the status of your ticket offer, check your registration profile using your email address at https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/site/login

Let’s take a look at what each status means, and what you can do to increase the chances of receiving a ticket offer in the future.

I got my ticket!
Congrats! That ticket is yours and yours alone. If you’re unable to attend or want a refund, you will need to release it back into the ticketing system for people on the waitlist. You can do this via your registration profile.

I got my ticket offer, but haven’t purchased yet…
If your ticket offer is still outstanding, the offer will expire within 5 days from when you got your offer email from ticketing@tohyperborea.ca. You can also voluntarily release it back into the system for the next person on the waitlist.  

I am on the waitlist

Do not panic! The system is designed to ensure that every ticket offer will work its way down the waitlist until everyone gets a ticket, or until we run out of tickets. This process does take a little time. Keep an eye on your email, your registration profile and our website for any important updates.

How can I make sure that I get a ticket next year?
Volunteer! If you volunteer at Hyperborea for eight (8) or more hours with any of our departments and get your hours logged by someone on our leads team, you will qualify for a directed ticket the following year. This means there is no suspense waiting in the ticket lottery next year. If you have a ticket for this year, you will have access to register for volunteer opportunities in your registration profile page! Check out our website for more information on the different volunteering opportunities: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/volunteer/

Will there be any more tickets?
There is a possibility that we will release additional tickets to the community. This is determined primarily by one key factor: volunteers!

If all volunteer shifts are filled, we can explore the logistics of increasing our population size, which then creates more opportunities to volunteer!

It’s a virtuous cycle. Volunteer -> meet new friends -> help Hyperborea grow -> get a direct ticket offer next year -> repeat.

For a more thorough guide to all things ticketing, including links to register, visit our ticketing page: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/

Questions? Email us at: ticketing@tohyperborea.ca

~ The Hyperborean

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