Art Grant Policies

Funded art projects must appear at Hyperborea in the year the funds are awarded, that is, the mid-May event immediately after the award is announced.

Awarded art projects must abide by the criteria for which type of art grant they selected in their application.

No funds will be dispersed without a signed contract between Hyperborea and the artist.

In the event that a project is not completed, the artist must return all disbursed funds within 15 days of the closing of the event.

Awarded art projects must adhere to the rules and stipulations detailed in their contract. This includes materials used, safety and fire checks, set up/ tear down dates, etc.

Grants are intended to cover a partial materials subsidy to aid in the creation of a project/piece which will appear at Hyperborea. They are not to cover labor costs, equipment needed to create, or personal transportation.

Funding requests for the transportation and display of preexisting projects may be submitted, and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Current Art Grant Committee members, the Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team Board of Directors, and Hyperborea event leads are permitted to apply for an art grant provided that their project has not been announced on social media, their application is submitted anonymously, and they abstain from voting on or discussing any project they are personally involved in.