Art Grant FAQ


What do we fund?
The Hyperborea Art Grant Program intends to provide partial materials subsidies in order to assist in the creation and support of interactive art and artists in central Canada. Examples of fundable elements are:
– construction materials (wood, hardware, paint, metal, etc.)
– electronic components (LED strips, transistors, control boards, wiring, arduinos, etc.)
– fuel for generators or fire arts

What don’t we fund?
– food or alcohol
– time or labour (this is what we all gift to the community in the spirit of participation)
– equipment required to produce your project (examples: tools, projectors, tablets, software, etc)
– personal transportation (because we offer the option of shared transportation on the Art Truck, we will not fund additional transportation of your project. Certain projects will qualify for alternate arrangements and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
– sound system equipment
– entirely pre-fabricated products (examples: domes, car ports)
– personal gear and equipment (tents, sleeping gear, themecamp deco, burn barrels, etc)
– dance, music, or performance (unless you’re applying for a very unique micro grant with material investment)

What are our expectations?
– Show up, at the event, with your project! Easy.
– Recycle: Do your best to source products by borrowing, salvaging, or purchasing second hand materials wherever reasonably possible. This helps us to fund the most crucial components of your project and increases the total amount of art we’re able to support.
– Plan ahead: Ordering online can vastly decrease your project budget, but typically requires long lead times for timely delivery.
– Ask us questions: Our art team has a wide variety of resources and connections available. Don’t know where to get a certain product? Need help figuring out power? We’re here to help.
– Abide by your contract.
– Bask in the glow of your success.

Why is our application so long?
We’re trying to make your lives easier and our review process more fair. By asking everything we could possibly want to know we ensue an even playing field and you don’t have to do any guess work on what info we’re looking for. It also ensures your projects are placed appropriately.

What is the build plan check in date?
All grant recipients must submit a mid-construction update on or before the check in date. This is to ensure progress is going smoothly, all projects are on track, and provide any troubleshooting assistance possible.

Does my grant come with a free ticket?
In traditional burner style, our event is 100% volunteer run. That means every single person including our leads team purchases their own ticket. This ensures that every single penny made goes directly back into producing the event, and funding more art. What your grant DOES come with are directed tickets. While we encourage you to register for the madness of the main sale, directed tickets will be provided to all artists to ensure you’re guaranteed to have your core project team with you at the event.

What if I can’t finish my project?
We understand. Life happens. Grant recipients must notify the Art Department 15 days prior to gates open if they will not be able to complete their project. You will be expected to repay 100% of your grants funds within 15 days of the event closing date. Recipients that do not notify the Art Department or are no-shows will have their names logged in our files. This information may affect future grant submissions.

What’s with the Hyperborea Art Truck?
Transportation assistance is offered by the Hyperborea Art Department. A truck will be transporting art from downtown Toronto to the event a few days prior to gates open, and will be returning to Toronto the day of event close. Artists will be expected to pack their projects for transport, get their projects to the designated loading site, and load/unload their projects.

Do I have to be a burner? Do I have to be experienced?
Hell no. New artists and not-yet-burners are absolutely welcome! We only ask for your experience in order to determine how much support to give you during the award process.

Does our art have to be interactive / participatory?
As per the 10 Principles: Radical participation, participatory art is encouraged and interactivity is highly considered.

Will you be placing my art at Hyperborea?
Yes. Our Placement Team WILL be determining all funded arts placement at the event. This is to ensure your art will be safe and well featured, and will help create a curated distribution of art at the event.

What parameters should I consider when I have art that contains a fire element?
Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the FAST team guidelines!