Ticketing Reminder!

Ticketing Update!
Just a friendly (and reoccurring) reminder of the following.
1. You should be checking your email daily (make sure to check that junk folder) for a ticket offer, or log in to your profile (https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/site/login). The offer window is currently 3 days and will be shrinking to 2 days on Monday, April 22nd!
2. If you are driving up, you will need a parking pass! They are $25 online and $50 at the gate. There is a good chance that these may sell out before the event. Look to carpool where able and get yours ahead of time.
3. If you have any minors attending with you, they also need to register via the main system. Even if they are 12 and under (and get a free ticket for being so young and brave) they still need to register.
~ The Hyperborean
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