Ticket Lottery has Begun!

The ticket lottery opened last week, and you lovely Hyperboreans have either bought a ticket, have a ticket offer outstanding, or are part of the waiting list.

If you are unsure about the status of your ticket offer, check your registration profile using your email address at https://signup.tohyperborea.ca/site/login

Let’s take a look at what each status means, and what you can do to increase the chances of receiving a ticket offer in the future.

I got my ticket!
Congrats! That ticket is yours and yours alone. If you’re unable to attend or want a refund, you will need to release it back into the ticketing system for people on the waitlist. You can do this via your registration profile.

I got my ticket offer, but haven’t purchased yet…
If your ticket offer is still outstanding, the offer will expire within 5 days from when you got your offer email from ticketing@tohyperborea.ca. You can also voluntarily release it back into the system for the next person on the waitlist.  

I am on the waitlist

Do not panic! The system is designed to ensure that every ticket offer will work its way down the waitlist until everyone gets a ticket, or until we run out of tickets. This process does take a little time. Keep an eye on your email, your registration profile and our website for any important updates.

How can I make sure that I get a ticket next year?
Volunteer! If you volunteer at Hyperborea for eight (8) or more hours with any of our departments and get your hours logged by someone on our leads team, you will qualify for a directed ticket the following year. This means there is no suspense waiting in the ticket lottery next year. If you have a ticket for this year, you will have access to register for volunteer opportunities in your registration profile page! Check out our website for more information on the different volunteering opportunities: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/volunteer/

Will there be any more tickets?
There is a possibility that we will release additional tickets to the community. This is determined primarily by one key factor: volunteers!

If all volunteer shifts are filled, we can explore the logistics of increasing our population size, which then creates more opportunities to volunteer!

It’s a virtuous cycle. Volunteer -> meet new friends -> help Hyperborea grow -> get a direct ticket offer next year -> repeat.

For a more thorough guide to all things ticketing, including links to register, visit our ticketing page: http://www.tohyperborea.ca/ticketing/

Questions? Email us at: ticketing@tohyperborea.ca

~ The Hyperborean

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