General Art Grants Applications Open!

Attention Fellow Hyperboreans!
Art Grant submissions for 2019 are now open! If you’re looking to create excitement, enchantment, intrigue, and wonderment through art, we want to help!
In order to better support all types of art projects, the art grant structure has changed for 2019. Please ensure you read over the three (3) grant categories listed below and review the qualifying criteria for each so you can choose the one that’s right for your project. In addition to the info below,, we have more details and key information posted on the website. Don’t forget you will require proof of all expenditures – so keep those receipts!

Creators Grant

Do you have a new project? Are you creating an interactive experience or wonder and delight? The Creators Grant is for you! This grant is intended for the design and construction of new art to be displayed at Hyperborea: Crossroads. This grant category has as series of funding tiers, and grants are available from $150 – $1000. It should be noted that only very select projects will receive $1000, as most projects will fall between $300-700.
Legacy Grant (newly expanded category)
Did you previously bring something amazing to Hyperborea and want to bring that project back? Do you just want to make small (or large) improvements to your project? If you just need a little help in the project’s maintenance and operation costs, you can now apply under this grant! New for 2019,he Legacy Grant will support the return of previous projects to this year’s event, with a maximum grant amount of $700.

Micro Grant


Micro Grants are available for, well, micro projects! If you’re the type of Hyperborean who can do a lot with a little, this is for you! We have seen so many little projects over the past two years, and would love to help bring more of these to Hyperborea! These small grants (maximum $150) can be used for anything unique, playful, and engaging. We hope that these grants will add to the experience of all at Hyperborea this year! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
The deadline for ALL of these submissions is February 22, 2019.
Please use the General Art Grant Application Form to apply!  
The Art Department is responsible for the Art Grant Programs, the Artery and associated logistical conundrums. If you have any questions, require guidance, or have sounding board requests feel free to reach them at
~ The Hyperborean
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