Theme Camp Registration is open!

Theme Camp Registration for Hyperborea: Crossroads is now open!

If you have an established or aspiring theme camp, use the google form below to register for Hyperborea: Crossroads.

Theme Camp Registration

The City Department (Theme Camps, Placement, Sound) will use the information to plan the city layout as painlessly as possible. Accuracy and honesty is greatly appreciated during the application so we can properly ensure everyone is on the same page. The cutoff for theme camp registration is April 30th.

Theme camp tickets and placement

There are two rounds of directed sale tickets that will be released, to qualify for these tickets you will need register for the Theme Camp directed ticket sales.

The first round of registration for directed ticket sales ends February 4th, and the second ends March 4th. If you register after the specified dates your only opportunity for tickets will come from the main ticket lottery. Its highly suggested that you sign up for the lottery in any situation.

A registered theme camp will also get placement in a designated area to fit your camp, where you can set up your tents, structures, art etc. In addition to this you can also get early access for camp infrastructure setup.

If you have any sort of amplified sound in your camp you will also have to follow the Hyperborea Sound policy.

But wait… what is a themecamp?

A themecamp is the gathering of Hyperboreans who not only camp together, but bring something to the experience of Hyperborea, you can call this your gift to the event.

A gift can be anything from Dance Floor, an art car, workshops, a costume booth, yoga sessions, plounge, you name it! Theme camps often (but not always) coordinate and decorate their camp around a theme, you would be surprised at how all-out some camps will go.