December Recap – Effigy, Temple and Volunteers!

2018 is drawing to a close and we are hard at work preparing for Hyperborea: Crossroads.
We are looking for intrepid adventurers to submit their visions and plans for this year’s Temple and Effigy, as well as fill out some of the needed leadership positions on our volunteer teams. Keep reading for more information, and please consider sharing this so every Hyperborean has a chance to take part.
Effigy & Temple
Do you dream in plywood and power tools? We want your ideas and skills to help make this year’s Effigy and Temple a reality.
If this sounds like your kind of project, let us know you’re interested by filling out the Temple Application Form. A $1,500 Grant is available for this project, and we’ll be accepting submissions until January 18th, 2019. The Temple submission form can be found here.
A second $1,500 grant is available for building the celebratory centerpiece of Hyperborea – our Effigy. Applications will be accepted until January 4th, 2019. The Effiy submission form can be found here.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to or check out the Arts Grants section of our website.
We are still looking for individuals to help fill our core volunteer positions for Hyperborea. This event is made possible only by the efforts of people like you, and it directly proportional to the success (and potential size) of this gathering.
The most recent callout for core volunteers can be found here.
And you can show your interest by filling out our Hyperborean Leadership Interest Form.
Stay toasty, friends!
~ The Hyperborean
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